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Top 8 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

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Top 8 Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint

Benefits of using SharePoint is truly immense, as this is arguably the best framework available for document and file management, collaboration, intranet portals, social networks, extranets, enterprise search and business intelligence websites. In the piece we have elaborately discussed the top 8 benefits of using the platform.

By Jitendra

SharePoint has its own bliss and is among the most sought after web application framework available today. However, making employees accept and use the technology can be a challenge that businesses need to overcome.

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Below is a list of few points that might aid you in boosting user adaptability towards the tool in your organization.... 
1. Understand What You Need - Before you deploy SharePoint, try to set a clear objective regarding what kind of solution you need. If you have an existing solution that have certain problems then understand a SharePoint solution can fix it.

2. Design the Architecture Properly - By understanding the architecture of the technology, you can create web pages instantly without even proper planning. Thus, you get a website that is in proper flow and offers easy access to end users with all new features that helps them deliver quality output.

3. Address Your Most Critical Needs - The platform offers a number of features but try to address your most critical needs by installing only the features that help you to solve the problem. You can choose from different SharePoint features like document sharing, managing sales, intranets, business intelligence and custom applications.

4. Assign Permissions Levels to Groups - SharePoint security includes different levels of permissions, which can be assigned to individuals as well as to groups. So, when you start deploying the technology in your organization, try to assign permission levels to groups. Later, you can always add new users or individuals as per your requirement.

5. Create a Well Thought Out Workflow - Plan different sections and functionalities that you want in your SharePoint Intranet before you actually start the development. However, try to keep things simple by keeping only basic features.

6. Keep Forms Simple and Familiar - Your intranet would definitely include certain forms. Try to keep those forms in word format as your users would be familiar with it. You can always keep the master forms in the intranet. Try to avoid InfoPath forms which can be quite complicated and can result to substandard forms.

7. Don’t Waste Time in Customizing the Graphics - Do not waste your time and effort in customizing your SharePoint intranet’s look and feel as per your website or corporate branding. Simply, add the logo on the SharePoint application development master page and create a theme using the color palette.

8. Read Only Fileshares - Do not migrate all your files to the SharePoint intranet and never go for deleting the existing fileshares. Rather, make fileshares read only so that users only be able to upload new files but never be able to delete them. Keep all the files in a secure location.

Your company’s Intranet functioning - especially that’s related to the organizational process flow - should not have anything that is complicated, tough to understand and/or difficult to use/flow. Usability and familiarity is the key and thus most of the reputed SharePoint consultants today suggest certain best practices to help you maintain those basic aspects.

Thus it is advisable that you make it certain that you hire a custom Microsoft SharePoint development company from India. An expert would help with the customization, implementation, integration and deployment of SharePoint services across your organization in the best way possible.


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Author: Jitendra

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