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Top Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Framework

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Top Advantages and Disadvantages of PHP Framework

PHP framework is developed and updated by a community of developers from around the sphere and it can be run easily on various operating systems like Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

By Vikas

All the frameworks launched with a solid option to code faster and user-friendly way! PHP is one of the best of them and abridged the ways that makes the coding better. The PHP Development in India is especially aimed to cut the cost of website development and offer quality solutions to the clients. This framework is the most preferred choice of the website developers and programmers. As a professional or an experienced website developer, you must have an idea about the pros and cons of PHP framework. This will help you in every phase of the project development process.

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Advantages of PHP Framework: There have been multiple advantages of PHP framework, while developing a website with a PHP framework. Utilizing the PHP framework can encourage website developers to show their best efforts.

PHP framework inbuilt with robust functions: This framework is built with an excellent set of functions, you can abridge tough tasks and get quick results from PHP coding. PHP framework is freeware with various functions; utilizing these functions you can simplify the code in PHP.

Centralized Database: Database is the crucial factor for each project. It is the central point, where the entire data of the project are saved and called for, when required. MySQL is utilized for the database requirements for PHP.

Use wire-frame before coding: It is always beneficial to use wire frame before you start coding in PHP. The practice of using wire-frame, boost your web development projects effectively. Make sure the wire-frame club and all its elements are integrated perfectly. 

Disadvantages of PHP Framework: Everything has two aspects. So, PHP framework has also some disadvantages Let's have a brief look of the disadvantages of PHP framework!


Poor error handling method: PHP framework has a bad error handling method! It is not an proper solution for the PHP developers. Therefore, as a qualified PHP developer, you will have to overcome with it.


PHP is Unsecured : It is an open source system, so anyone can see and change the source code! If any web developers, who have great idea and experience in bug finding in the code can exploit your coding practice.


PHP is unable to manage large number of Apps: PHP framework is helpless to support for a bunch of apps! It is highly tough to manage because, it is not a competent modular!


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Author: Vikas

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