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Type of Web Applications That Can Use MEAN Stack for Development

calender 27 Jul 2022

“MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies. It is majorly used for developing complex web and mobile applications. It includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular JS, NodeJS.”

Type of Web Applications That Can Use MEAN Stack for Development

No doubt, the 21st century revolves around technology and digitization, where every business is doing their best to gain a competitive edge in the market. They are investing their time, resource, money, and efforts to stay ahead of their competitors.

One standalone solution to remain best in the market is to employ developers and start working on the top technology stack that is both consistent and standard in nature. However, it is not easy to select one technology that can serve all your business needs. Therefore, often developers and organizations use a unique blend of various technologies that guarantees smooth business expansion.

Tech market has no shortage of software stacks, they are available in abundance, including Ruby on Rails, LAMP that allow you to build a strong, dynamic back-end and front-end for the app. But defeating all these, MEAN Stack has become a developers' favorite because of its ability to address all the web app development related challenges.

MEAN Stack: An Overview

MEAN Stack is a sequence of JavaScript-based technologies that is extensively used for building dynamic websites and web applications. It is an open-source series of full-stack JavaScript structures that incorporate MongoDB (database system), Express (back-end web framework), Angular (front-end framework) and lastly, Node.js (backend run-time environment). Complex applications can be developed using these frameworks.

These technologies were created at different times for various purposes, however today, the MEAN Stack has assembled them and makes it pretty obvious to utilize them for MEAN Stack app development projects.

The greatest advantage of using the MEAN Stack for the app development project is every one of the frameworks are working with a solitary programming language that is JavaScript. And depending on the top programming languages for web application development, JavaScript has emerged as the most commonly utilized programming language.

We as a whole know about the way that JavaScript has gained its status for continuously serving the best services with regards to website development. Yet, with systems like Angular, Node.js, MongoDB, and Express, it has likewise made considerable progress towards making web applications more effective.

Since MEAN Stack depends on JavaScript, therefore, it permits MEAN Stack development company to build a solution that flawlessly works for a particular server-side and client-side execution environment. Also, because of its flexibility for making strong, fast, and maintainable web and mobile applications, the MEAN Stack is very well known.

What Stands Behind MEAN Stack?

Throughout the years, the interest in MEAN Stack development has immensely expanded because of its flexibility of building a web and mobile application that is strong, quick and simple to keep up with. Also, organizations are continuously looking to hire MEAN Stack developers that know about JavaScript and MEAN Stack technologies like

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.JS

So how about we get a few viewpoints of MEAN's acronym and comprehend how they are engaging MEAN Stack and drawing in organizations to embrace it for web application development.


MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database program. It stores information as JSON-like documents with dynamic mappings (or designs) and progressive nesting support of objects within other items.

  • MongoDB permits the client to develop a whole set of applications by simply utilizing one application; for this situation, JavaScript will be utilized.
  • It is completely written in C++ and involves a cross-platform database for its viable working. This database framework is an open-source innovation that stores information using binary data systems like JSON.
  • This innovation is documentation based, and therefore, MongoDB is a NoSQL database. This multitude of features make MongoDB the ideal decision for clients who need to deal with a wide set of tables with millions of data.
  • Likewise, it is easy to utilize MongoDB on the grounds that it doesn't need updating the whole table.


Express JS is another open source NodeJS structure, which gives architecture and support to a web application system.

  • To build web applications in Node, they will involve ExpressJS as their system. This innovation is for Nodejs and depends on the true framework.
  • The motivation for it was Sinatra, a well-known Ruby structure. This server is entirely adaptable for the client and lightweight.
  • Since it is a lightweight structure, it can utilize templates provided by Pug engine supported technology.


AngularJS is a super-heroic JavaScript system that permits you to fabricate complex client-side applications.

  • The developer of the AngularJS system is Google. Like MongoDB, it is an open-source JavaScript system.
  • This innovation should assist with making website pages that can be customized. This framework was built to introduce Model View Controller (MVC) blocks in those applications which depended on program applications.
  • This makes the testing process and the development of the applications easy. HTML can be utilized as a layout language for AngularJS.
  • HTML syntax features are utilized to communicate the drawn-out parts of a created application. These elements can incorporate dependency injection, data binding, disposal of code, and substantially more.


Node JS is a server-side programming language that empowers associations to build and deliver web applications utilizing JavaScript.

  • It gives its clients a JavaScript framework, which depends on the server-side execution environment. Engineers utilize this innovation to make applications that utilize data-intensive systems and real time applications.
  • It permits the use of real-time applications that are running on numerous distributed devices. For example, NodeJS can run on windows, OS, and Linux simultaneously.

When to Pick MEAN Stack for a Development Project?

Characteristics of MEAN Stack are many and are strong enough to choose MEAN Stack for app development projects. But many organizations are in a dilemma: what kind of projects can the MEAN Stack developer develop using MEAN Stack?

The MEAN Stack is an ideal solution for making applications, dynamic SPAs, complex business applications, social media applications, web application, enterprise applications, and more.

MEAN Stack can be used in different types of apps

MEAN Stack can be used in different types of Apps - infographic | SynapseIndia

  • Web Apps for Bigdata
  • Real-Time Applications
  • Streaming Apps
  • Enterprise complex apps
  • Secondary business apps


Conclusively, it is adequately fair to say that MEAN Stack innovation is continually improving and bringing more than enough on the platter. To effectively use the MEAN Stack, it is best to get in touch with a MEAN Stack development company that can make secure web applications and other applications utilizing the fascinating qualities of the MEAN Stack.

In this way, if you are genuinely wanting to build a web application, don't pass up a tech stack that can assist you with getting faster, safer, and cheaper applications for your business.



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