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Google's WebP, JPEG or PNG - Which Image Format Is Good For Your Website ?

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Google's WebP, JPEG or PNG - Which Image Format Is Good For Your Website ?

Google Developers are working on WebP image format to make it a best substitute of mostly used and popular JPEG format. As per reports WebP has 25-34% better compression while comparing with JPEG.

By Geeta

Google developers recently announced improvements to the WebP image format. Google developers are working on WebP format to make it an alternative to widely popular JPEG format. JPEG has turn out to be as standard for Web. New improvements to WebP format add transparency, which JPEG format is unable to support. So WebP is all set to take on other popular format PNG also.

The first version of WebP was using lossy compression, that would have made users loose some quality in exchange for small files that open quickly on web. The updates introduced in current version includes compression without losing the quality of images, that implies users can get smaller files without compromising on the quality of image. Important to mention here, Opera and Chrome are the only browsers as of now that support the WebP format natively, thus Google developers have to walk a long way to make it a standard.

As per the reports, WebP gets 25-34% better compression when compared to JPEG images. When it comes to PNG images, images of WebP format are 28% smaller than even the best, most compressed PNGs. Also, based on surveys, in most of the cases website were not really found bothered about the compression.

Those pics above all look pretty good but you may wonder if we say that the last tree image in the right is quite less than the size of the first tree image. Isn't it amazing? it is, but it will be an uphill battle for the Google and may take some time for all browsers to adapt the format. Opera and Google chrome support the format natively but other browsers are yet to embrace this format.

So, no doubt it could take time to build a new Web-standard format, but the benefits are pretty clear: smaller files = faster Internet.


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Author: Geeta

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