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5 Major Points to Ensure While Building an E-commerce Website

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5 Major Points to Ensure While Building an E-commerce Website

E-commerce sites have become a prominent tool for businesses to showcase their products & services to customers across the globe. A number of points must be kept in mind & followed while building your e-commerce website. These points include choosing a robust base, performing in-depth research, focusing on effective content etc.

By Jitendra

After talking with hundreds of individual seeking to create their very own successful ecommerce portal, one thing has to be pretty clear, businessmen always focus more on marketing and revenue generation. From the very word go all the planning revolves around who is the target audience how to market the site, is social media going to help them attain the desired height and so on. A few selective ones realize that prior to all the having a solid technical aspect checkout is very much needed. Running a store always is fun, but first the base foundation has to be rock solid.

If you showcase fine products in store and market those in locality people will surely come in there, but when they come you need to have solid base to keep them there. In case if you have a poor flooring or foundation of building the whole store would collapse. This foundation is the part where one needs to focus on and make sure that all the technical loopholes are covered and the portal is ready for optimum result delivery. For a step by step journey ofecommerce portal development one must keep their eyes over these following five points.


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1. Robust Base Choosing: The platform of any store determines its age and sustenance limit. The moment one initiates the technical process by hiring a complete ecommerce solution providing team choosing of the right platform becomes mandatory. The industry statistics might prompt one to go towards Magento as it has under its hold almost 31% of the market share according to VentureBeat.

But on a closer look the latest interest trend of ecommerce platform around the globe might also make you think twice. Woocommerce is gaining a strong presence due to its multitude features and has given the business owners to look for option. A strong platform will ensure your smooth operation and responsiveness.

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2. Right analysis: This is the stage where the in-depth research is carried over for understanding the mass target better and to offer them suitably. From the basic mindmap to website planning every nook is covered. The IA or information architecture plays a major role in this stage as this determines the potential look of the portal and user journey path.  All these actually initiate the ROI.

3. Right decoration: Now that the structure and the thought process are ready behind the operation the emphasis is given over UX of the site. Here one need to make sure that the parts such as user-friendliness and emphasis over prime parts of the portal like product detail page, checkout page and landing page are totally aligned with users demand pattern.

4. Right QA: No matter how great company you hire do make sure to hire the service of a professional QA team when the portal is done and functional in the local prior to hosting. A site in a beta stage or bug might not establish the brand value thoroughly.

5. Right attention grabber: Now that all is said and done content planning has to be done wisely and not just in the site, but also in social media for buzz creation.  Content plays a major role in brand establishment and that goes miles ahead in the support of SMO approach.

A. 93% of social media users want a company to have web presence and that too in social media platform, according to Cone

B. 85% believe that a brand should engage with consumer always.

C. 60% of social media users are adult.

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This shows that, at the end of the journey, one ensuring that all these points are taken care of is sure to own a successful ecommerce store online.


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Author: Jitendra

The author has immense experience in digital marketing activities, SEO/SMO, web design, and development etc. Using his vast experience in these fields, he has been creating informative content for these genres. His keen endeavors to know and understand current industry trends has helped him to inform users about the regular uproars happening in the industry through his blogs.