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What are the best Strategies to Grow the Popularity of Your Magento Store

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What are the best Strategies to Grow the Popularity of Your Magento Store

The set of benefits that Magento brings are truly unmatched. That is the reason why the platform is trusted and used by the most number of merchants across the globe. And to add to it, proper strategies can help your Magento site grow further. Here in this write-up we will be sharing few of such strategies.

By Vikas

As the popularity of Magento is increasing, many big brands are switching on to Magento. The development and achievements cannot be ensured by any eCommerce platform, because all these depend on marketing strategies. Some of those strategies are:

  • Selling strategies
  • Using correct keywords
  • Re-targeting
  • Branding
  • Making an impact on social networks

Just moving on to Magento will not guarantee the growth of the stores. Magento stores must follow high values to increase sales.

Story of Magento

Strategies in Marketing:

As there is no new marketing strategy, so in 2014 the traditional marketing techniques like social networking and pure SEO are to be followed. Some other options are:

  • Developing new social platforms
  • More social presence
  • G+ page

Social platforms talked about for a short time helps in improving sale for a short time. Incorporating new features in Magento development proves to increase the traffic and thus increase sale. Social networks and SEO are believed to boost the sales in comparison to the expensive traditional methods like Advertisements, PPC etc.

Specific Keywords to be Focused:

Particular keywords are focused by the customer that can be missed out in an SEO. In such cases, it’s necessary to introduce highly specific keywords in product pages. This would bring more customers and thus provide better ranking.

Social Networking Platforms to Connect With Customers:

This is necessary to be in connection with the customers. It might require talking to customers, replying to their queries and thus building a strong bond with them. Improvements can be made in accordance with the customer’s feedback. Magento developers can incorporate an extension that can be included as many customers insist for some specific features.

Strategies in Selling:

Magento eCommerce Development

Like 2014, even in 2015 most of the online buyers will be concerned with spending as little as possible due to fear of loss. This attitude forces them to take unreasonable decisions.

How to target customers and tap into this conservative mindset?

  • Providing publicity: Customers can be targeted by providing promotions that is sales on quality items for a limited time.
  • Limited time certificate: In this case a certificate is obtained after buying something. This is mainly seen in shopping malls. This free money is obtained for a limited time and must be spent on products of specific amount. The same strategy can be applied in the case of online stores.
  • Short time sales: Most of the customers eagerly wait for the sale. These sales are seen to go down the margin, which is covered in quantity.
  • Sell socially: Today customers are using the discounts, deals and coupons offered by the social media. Once anything is brought from such a platform, they keep on sending their promotional products again and again. Commissions can be given to all those bringing sales by encouraging your products on social platforms.


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Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.