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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Magento For eCommerce Websites?

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Magento For eCommerce Websites?

Adopting a world class platform, Magento for your online store is the first step towards your online store success. The power of Magento take your business to the top edge, and you are able to earn worldwide customers without any boundaries.

By Jitendra

Each and every eCommerce developer understand the robustness of Magento platform. It’s an extremely versatile and adequate eCommerce platform that is utilized by small, mid as well as large scale businesses. Across the sphere, various companies made their online site using this platform, and become pioneers in the eCommerce world. Highly qualified, experienced professionals at Magento eCommerce Development India understand the uniqueness of Magento and can integrate world class features in your site.

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Here is the list of some pros and cons of Magento platform for your business.

The Pros of Magento:

Magento platform is developed with amazing features and flexibility. Some of them are not related or applicable to your online store, but it will beneficial for your business in the long run:

1. Cost-affordable:
If you have a small business, then you can effectively use the community version of Magento. It’s completely free to use. When your business grows you can opt premier packages that will give you better performance with additional features.
2. Flexibility:

When you will explore the internet, there is a large number of plugins and extensions are available for your Magento store. These all plugins and extensions are designed by the Magento community. It allows you to add multiple features to your online store without facing any hassle.

3. Easy to Use:

Most important, Magento platform is easy to utilize. If you’re not a very computer savvy or don't have a strong base of technology, you can find a large range of Magento support packages to help you on your way.  Once you’ve gone through the basics, it becomes quite easier to manage.

The Cons of Magento:
Everything has two aspects. So, Magento has also some disadvantages.

1. Time Consuming:
We have already explained, Magento platform is loaded with multiple benefits and easier to use, but still some people find it time consuming. Magento has so many extensions and features that you can use, but it seems quite complex some time to find out the best extensions and plugins for your store.

2. Premier Version:

The community version of Magento is easily available online, and you can use without paying a single penny. But, the Enterprise version, of Magento is only available for those users, who are able to pay good amount of money.

3. Lack of Developers:

Finding experienced Magento website developer is a tiresome job. If you want to use Magento platform for the development of your online store, then you need to hire Magento professionals having years of experience in this field.


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Author: Jitendra

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