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What Do You Understand By Software Development Life Cycle?

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What Do You Understand By Software Development Life Cycle?

A software development life cycle is the defined steps that helps to create a customize and bug free application or software for your business.

By Geeta

Software is a defined set of instructions for the computer to perform a specific task. The procedure of developing a software is quite easy to understand. 

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The different procedure of software development life cycle are as follows:

1. Gathering and Analyzing the needs to Develop a Software

This is the first and important phase of the software development life cycle. Like launching any business, initiating to work on a new software needs a strategic plan. The initial stage will include the project managers, stakeholders and experienced software developers. No matter how many long years of experience in the software development field, legitimate planning is always expected.

Although, it would take minimum time for professionals to plan a new project and start working on it, but still there will be some queries that must be resolved before working on it. Following are some questions, which needs solutions before taking on the project:

  • What is the major purpose to the development of a software?
  • Who will be using the software?
  • What are the basic data to input?
  • What will be the output of the input data?
  • Will there be a need to hire a new personnel to work on this software.

Find all these solutions. A comprehensive analysis is required here. There may be more queries that need to be answered before taking on this new project. All the work should be documented for future reference.

2. Designing of the Software

According to the result of first stage software is given a specific design. From this, the software professionals come to know the needs of the basic hardware and system required to complete their new project. This stage will also clarify the system architecture.

3. Coding

Here initiates the major role of the expert software developers. The system design documents are categorized into multiple modules and the developers start their defined job role. This is the longest  stage in the SDLC. It needs plenty of time, expertise and patience. Once this stage is over, the software developer sends their work to the qualified tester.

4. Software Testing

When the coding part is over, the software developer sends their work to the Software Quality Assurance section. They will check the software comprehensively and find the bugs if any. The test will be processed as per the needs and the guidelines given in the required  document.  System testing, unit testing, integration testing, acceptance testing is done by the software tester and if found any errors, it's sent back to the software developer. The procedures will keeps on repeating until the software is bug free and ready to deploy.

5. Deployment of the Software

After successful completion of the software testing, it is delivered to the concerned client.

Maintenance and support

Each software needs maintenance and support time to time. Whenever the software encounters any issues, the software development company in India will be there to fix it.


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Author: Geeta

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