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What it Takes to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer in India?

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What it Takes to Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer in India?

The very popular WordPress CMS has been a favorite for web publishers and online marketers that shows in its increasing number of downloads. WordPress users experience better integration capabilities. One can hire a WordPress developer in India on daily/hourly basis to have the best of it in a cost-effective manner.

By Vikas

WordPress since its inception has been a force to be reckoned with in the web publishing arena. The CMS providing a host of interactiveopportunities toweb publisher has more downloads than any their CMS variant. In fact its popularity can be gauged by its sheer usage umber. A simple stats say that there is 1 WordPress site for every 101 people in the world. Going by the sea of humanity that calls the world home that number is huge. Apart from being the mass favorite publishing tool, WordPress had also come of age in the opportunities it provides the web marketers. Online marketers vouch for the effectiveness that WordPress developed sites have in the online space. It is to be noted that WordPress indulges in frequent updates and releases to provide the users with better experience and integration capabilities.

WordPress - the dominant CMS on the web today: But Why should you Want it?

Going by the stats available in the public knowledge some of the WordPress updates have had a better impact on the users than the others. For example, one can take the scenario that WordPress 3.3 provided. Release in 13th December, 2011, the CMS update has been downloaded a whopping 12 million times by April 12th, 2012. What that effectively means is about 26.9%o the cumulative WordPress sites are using the WordPress 3.3 version.

The core usage statistics of WordPress

An overview of the usage data of the popular CMS platform shows that the WordPress 3.0 version and beta updates of the same attribute to a major section of the total usage chart. In fact in simple numbers WordPress 3.0 contributes to approximately 51.4% of the total WordPress websites. It is followed by the 2.5 version which clocks as usage of 14.2%. The usage statistics show that the developers are keeneron indulging in the added social integration and cross publishing capabilities that comes with the WordPress 3.0 version.

Hire dedicated WordPress developers in India: Experts are Available!

Hiring a full scale firm or a dedicated developer for certain hours or days- this question do nudge the firms one time the other. The industry insiders will vouch for the latter for a host of reasons. Having a dedicated hiring pattern means the firms can have undiluted attention of the developers in single projects for certain periodsof the day, unlike a fully functional firm that has multiple projects to look out for. The budget constraints are perfectly met by this model as well. If you are among the ones who wonder how to hire dedicated WordPress developer in India. The answer is simple!

Get in touch with them through good old-fashioned research and interaction.

The web development scenario in India provides a homogeneous mix of opportunities for the everyone around the world. Anyone from around globe can hire an Indian expert on daily/hourly/project basis - based on the project requirements. As the web publishing arena is necessarily a time-bound concept, the dedicated hiring model does wonders for the effective computing of the projects. The firms can keep a strict watch on the timeline of the development. Based on the skill and expertise level of the developers, can charge from $15 USD to over $100 USD per hour. The firms are at a liberty to choose the ones who fit their bill.


Hire WordPress Developer in India

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developer in India

Core Usage Statistics of WordPress

Author: Vikas

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