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What Makes Custom Software Development Such a Huge Hit?

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What Makes Custom Software Development Such a Huge Hit?

Custom software development has gained popularity over the years due to the benefits it offers over the traditional software development approach. Besides offering the greatest benefit of having tailor made solutions, it enables you attain long term saving as well.

By Jitendra

Going by the trend!

Much of the paradigm of software industry trend is set by the offshore industry and the US market - and as a result of that, while discussing the success of software development customization needs globally, both the pointers must be talked about. According to Forrester global tech industry is supposed to grow by 5.4% in 2013 and 6.7% the following year. This market report comprises software development niche, IT consulting, and outsourcing along with many other aspects of the similar vertical.

The Realm of Custom Development

It was calculated by Forrester in the year of 2010 that on an average IT companies spends 27% of the software development budget in the customization only. This has in the list tweaking software platform, coding architecture and application, etc. The number has considerably risen to new height in all these years. Also out of eight companies one spends almost half of their budget on customization requirement. In firms or agencies having somewhat around 50-250 employees this trend has been significantly visible.

Now in the year of 2014 every aspect of development is interlinked with one another owing to the cross platform popularity. The age of hybrid is now here with the demand rising for application and software development which are compatible for any platform. Also, the changing business need calls for mass employment of custom software development. This has coined the rise of new service named complex web development which is somewhat related to the customization of apps or web platforms based on unique needs using various frameworks. 

Why custom software development is gaining on popularity?

Software is meant for making any process fast, efficient and productive! With the evolution in the way businesses are done and change in the online world scenario, the demand too has changed considerably. The prime reason that can be attributed to the scenario is managing issue. Everyone now wants to manage any process and keep a tab over the whole workflow with minimal effort. This was not possible with the traditional development output and so this alteration in approach.  The few benefits of customization are listed below for your understanding.

Tailor-made solutions: Standing apart from the crowd calls for innovative measures and unique concepts. This gets the fuel from customization of software or application development. When you hire a professional from this service line you know that there is no limitation in the implementation channel and any idea technically feasible will see the light of existence. Modern business owners are very much aware of the rapid changing environment of industry and so are always in the search of a solution that will establish their authority for at least few years. This gets delivered with custom development.

Progressive stepwise approach: Hiring someone with a fixed thought process does not comply with the environment of the industry on release date. This is because development process takes quite a bit of time. Hence, step-by-step approach is most wise in any SDLC as that offers both client and developer to interact throughout the process and integrate new innovations for making it fit for future.  
Long Term Saving: Often it is considered that custom development is on a little higher side of costing and so must not be the first choice. This is utter wrong approach as eventually one has to customize the app or software for staying in the competition and so it is wise to plan and invest from the very initial point.

Above are some of the primary points that advocate custom solution if someone does not wish to invest in a ‘me too’ concept. It up to you to decide about the place where your priority stands!



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Author: Jitendra

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