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What New Features of Android Lollipop Can be Good for Businesses?

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What New Features of Android Lollipop Can be Good for Businesses?

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, businesses can enjoy their processes to be simpler, smoother & more productive. Applications built on this platform make business ensure better security, communication & efficiency. Among the several features of Lollipop, the ones favoring businesses include desktop-class performance, enhanced connectivity, simplified device sharing and leverage to complete tasks rapidly & easily.

By Jitendra

The Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with a bunch of useful features to enable business processes  go  smoother, simple and more productive. Its material design focuses on improved user experience that ultimately lead to better performance. Most importantly, enhanced fluidity is ensured as users make transition between apps and Android devices. Let's take a look at the features that make this platform ideal for Android application development for businesses.

Android Lollipop

Desktop-class Performance – Lollipop will prove to be quite useful for streamlining your daily business work. You can rest assured of having a better, smoother, faster performance as this incredible Lollipop brings desktop performance to Android mobile devices and tablets. Better responsiveness and a smoother interface makes multitasking easier as never before. So, it can be said that Lollipop offers more of a computing experience rather than just mobile experience.

Improved Connectivity – Lollipop offers you better Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection while also saving considerable power at the same time. Your device will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi networks having a verified Internet connection besides getting the ability to scan "low-energy" Bluetooth connections like Beacons and wearables. Network handoff is yet another feature that will prove useful for businesses as it allows you switch connections without causing much of interruptions.

Enhanced Security – With Lollipop, your device's data stays safe from any type of unauthorized access. Several security improvements result in better locking capabilities for Android devices of all types. One such feature is Android Smart Lock that allows you unlock your device as soon as you pair it with another trusted device. Some other advanced security measures include Automatic encryption and Security-Enhanced Linux.

Simplified Device Sharing – Lollipop allows you share your business data with other users. Its only after you provide access to other users can the users access your data. You can also easily create guest profiles; so the person whom you lend your device to would not be actually able to access your data.

Quick Access – With Lollipop, you get the leverage to complete simple tasks quickly & easily. Also, you will not require to bear the pain of following several steps for accessing Google Now. All you will need doing is to say "OK Google" to get started with sending texts, performing voice-activated tasks etc. Moreover, you will also get better & more accurate control over notifications; so you can decide which alerts are to be kept and which ignored.


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