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What Regulates an Android-based Application Development Cost?

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What Regulates an Android-based Application Development Cost?

App development for Android platform has seen a new high in the recent times. As for cost of development, it depends on a number of factors that include the project complexity, development company experience, demographic location etc. Moreover, its also crucial to know the Android app development process to get a fair understanding of the total cost of app development.

By Geeta

In the year of 2013 a survey named ‘Mobile Readiness Report’ was done by AnyPresence over various IT professionals. The objective of this survey was a collect raw data of application development costs and primarily the project initiation cost. More than half of the candidates shared the information that a typical mobile app development needs a time frame of 3 months and costs in the slab of $50000 to $100000. 

Right Cost of any Android Application Development

In most of the cases it is stated that companies seek too much development cost and tend to earn huge profit out of the delivery process. To check the authenticity of this kind of statements Forrester performed a survey in the year 2012. The survey revealed a starling fact, app development that are quoted in between of $50000 to $100000 often are completed within only 35% project worth expenditure, leading to somewhat 65% profit. AnyPresence survey also shared another fact and that is 80% of the apps are being updated only twice in a single year and nearly one third of that dos it every month.

Now, where all these statistics leads to? A question comes before us as how to determine the right cost of any android application development. 

Android Application Development Services Cost


A Quest for the Quality

An entrepreneur must know the whole app development process and the cost involved in that for getting the right idea about the total worth of app development. As this write-up is android application development services cost let’s focus on that.

1. The conceptualization phase: This stage is all about idea and innovative discussions. Both the developer and clients get acquainted with one another and make sure that they are in the same board while planning the whole process. Any simple idea of app costs much lesser than something like game or data driven app. Once this stage is over the whole picture is set and as per the blueprint of the app development life-cycle developers approach.

2. Functionality Outlining: This part ensures app success majorly. Having a simple app does not mean that the functionalities are less; the flexibleness of these features determines the price of it.

3. Interface finalization: The users are the prime decider of any apps usability quotient percentage. Unless and until you seek the support of professional mobile UI designer the outcome would be moderate. The cost gap in this stage results due to the utilization of web designers in many cases. The prices gets down to almost half if you hire any web designer to design and plan your mobile app interface, but you need to decide if you want to take that risk!

4. Showcase to world: When everything is said and done, the app is hosted in Google play store for a onetime $25. Afterwards through various analytical tools you need to monitor the progress.

In a nutshell, it can safely be stated that the cost varies based on demographic location, development company’s experience, and project complexity. But, the sole decision must be taken by you after going through the quotations, development strategy and portfolio of the work they share.


Right Cost of any Android Application Development

Android Application Development Services Cost

App Development Process

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