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Why Android would Conquer the Mobile OS Genre in 2015?

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Why Android would Conquer the Mobile OS Genre in 2015?

The raffle between the mobile operating systems are getting amusing with the passing time. And Android seems to give us more reasons to love it even more in 2015. Here is this piece we will be discussing why Android is a projected winner of the fray in the coming year.

By Geeta

Mobile applications development companies have made your smartphones, tablets or phablets  perform way more than you could have ever imagined. Mobile applications are available in galore and thanks to such companies to offer almost an endless lineament of applications catering to different areas like entertainment, business, web, connectivity, utility etc.

Though iOS apps rule the genre till date, but it won't be wrong to comment that Android apps are catching up really fast. Android developers are blessed to put their hands on a package that include  a robust OS (operating system), a middleware as well as few key applications that help them create highly alluring apps for their target group.

After Google purchased Android Inc. back in 2005, it collaborated with the members of OHA (Open Handset Alliance) to develop, strengthen and  release luring versions of this amazingly capable mobile operating system based on Linux Kernel (modified version) and now has become the world’s best-selling smartphone platform.

Android offers an online open market place for third party applications and brings a whale of advantages compared to the other mobile operating modules. To list a few we must mention the following...

  • Comprehensive libraries with 2D as well as 3D graphics.
  • P2P using Google Talk.
  • IPC (Interprocess communication) message passing.
  • Multiple libraries for audios, videos and images.
  • Data storage through SQLite.
  • Touchscreen, accelerometer, GPS, magnetometer – all works smooth and fine on Android.

Here is a graph that suggests that Android has the potential to become as popular as Windows is for PCs. Take a look...

Android Application Development

Putting a Little more light on the argument...

  • In 2015 Android will be geared up to lure us in a better way than ever. Some of the features that we can expect are...
  • Google initiated a battery saving movement called "Project Volta" due to which we can expect robust battery life on Android devices.
  • The minimum storage of an Android device would be 64GB.
  • QI wireless charging is among the most awaited features, though we are still not sure will be available by 2015 or not; however, the wait will be worth the toil.
  • Every Android device in 2015 would be power with Optical Image Stabilization feature, making smartphone picture taking a fun more than ever.

With more than 1.3 million Android applications already available at the Play Store, the platform is promised to expand in a humongous way in coming time. If you want to jump onto the bandwagon, this is your time. Give us a shout today to know our Android application development cost and make the most out of it. 


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Author: Geeta

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