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Why DevOps Service is Essential for Software Development?

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Why DevOps Service is Essential for Software Development?

DevOps is a significant process that focuses on increasing the communication and collaboration between developers and IT specialists. It helps in increasing the efficiency, manage development activities and provides valuable outputs.

By Geeta

In the current scenario, where the market demand changes frequently, it demands rapid customized development solutions by the developers. The developed software solutions should have ability to respond to the market demands, capable of fulfilling business requirements & must be user-friendly. For this, it is really important that the IT sector re-evaluates all the factors and generate valuable solutions for it. Somehow, this traditional approach is a result of the communication gap between company's internal departments, that really needs to be repaired. The last strategy that is used to breach gaps with collaboration between development and operations is DevOps.

DevOps Services India

What is DevOps?

The term 'DevOps' is derived from two words - Development and Operations. It is a process that focuses on enhancing the communication and collaboration between developers and IT specialists. Its aim is to have faster and reliable software product development, as well as carefully implementation of it with the help of automation. Apart from bridging gap between development and operations, it focuses equally to achieve maximum collaboration, integration and synchronization of workflows between all functional departments, including QA engineers, security specialists and potential clients.

Reasons Behind The Gap

The reasons behind the communication gap between the development and operations are:

  • The developers and IT specialists, both have different approach regarding the business requirements and its solutions.
  • Development and operations are traditionally separated with geographical limits, like different rooms, departments, buildings, etc.
  • Development and operations, both use different tools for their work. Somehow, if they use the same tools and tool sets, they use them differently.
  • Both parties have different methods of software implementation based upon their respective environments, changing file locations and configurations, etc.

 Why Do You Need DevOps?

According to the facts, a DevOps benefits the developer on a wider scale. It saves time, ensures quality product and helps in achieving the targeted goal. Those who have seen the DevOps in action, they know the real benefits. They don’t even consider any other methodology for their projects. If you are using startup methodology, then DevOps is the perfect method, as it facilitates continuous arrangements and delivery. DevOps-as-a-Service will help organizations by cutting down costs, speed up delivery, quality product and possession the market at the right time.

 DevOps Main Goals

  • DevOps concept laid down on seeking the key pain-points in the development-operations system.
  • Provides an authorization to the business to innovate, change and develop faster, with more impactful and reliable strategies, and with lesser risks.
  • To remove the difference between the priorities and processes of the various groups involved, and provide equality to achieve development targets.
  • It improved deployment frequency and decreases new launches failure rate.
  • It enhanced the efficiency, predictability, security, and maintainability of operational processes.

 How Does DevOps do it?

DevOps has four main principles:

  • Continuous Release and Development
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Feedback and Optimization.

 With the help of these four principles, the DevOps provides opportunities to the organization, to achieve their business goals in record times, with minimum risks and quality product.

DevOps provides a high quality ongoing support service, that brings in all the benefits to the business. But, if you are confused that how can you bring the DevOps into action, then there is no need to worry. SynapseIndia is a renowned name in the field of Software Development India. We have years of experience in software development, and have worked in various organization DevOps project.


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