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Why Responsive Magento Ecommerce website Gets Crucial for your Online Business

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Why Responsive Magento Ecommerce website Gets Crucial for your Online Business

The trend of mobile web usage is catching pace and same is evident from the increasing number of Smartphone and tablet users nowadays. It thus brings the need for having your Magento e-commerce store built responsive as it allows you to run your e-commerce store successfully without caring a bit for different pixels & screen sizes, thereby also keeping your potential customers happy.

By Jitendra

Smartphone users are increasing day by day; somewhat similar is the scene for number of tablet users. Increasing Internet usage over mobile devices is almost fading off the traditional desktop/laptop based approach. Users find accessing information using their hand-held devices more convenient compared to sitting in front of huge monitors. So, just having a Magento based e-commerce store will not do anymore. You need to look into the brighter prospects that responsive design can bring to your existing Magento store.

Its All About Giving Customers What They Want, But Easily...

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Customers feel happy while accessing information within their comfort zone. So, as mobile is the new comfort zone for the current genre of customers, its not wise to offend them. If your Magento store does not suitably respond to multiple screen sizes, customers looking for your offered products using their different devices may have issues opening your site.

So, in such situation, do you think the customer will have the patience to keep waiting?  Several Magento stores already exist on the web; so customers are never short of options. Being unable to view your online store, the customer will proceed to another less-problematic website that can provide a better experience. Its thus better to provide potential buyers a more hassle-free way to get what they require – and responsive is the key for that.

Its Not Even Wise to Offend Google...

Just like offending your customers brings ill-effects for your online business, so will be the case when you underestimate what Google says. Even Google has clearly mentioned the need of responsive design for websites and so your Magento store is not an exception. More than 60 percent of searches on Google come via mobile devices and so the search engine giant wants to capitalize on the same. Also, crawling, indexing and organizing content of a responsive Magento site is much easier for Google as single URL and same HTML exist for a responsive site. So, if your Magento store runs a bit different from what Google says, the adverse results are pretty predictable.

What's Recommended for All Magento Store owners?

A wide range of positives are assured for Magento site owners who opt to have their websites responsively designed. Going responsive will help you to run your store successfully & effectively without caring for diverse pixels & screen sizes. Hiring a company offering Magento website development in India can be a great help if you are planning to have a responsive Magento store that fits best to an array of screen sizes, thus making customers using varied mobile devices happier.


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Author: Jitendra

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