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Why Should You Upgrade To Android Marshmallow?

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Why Should You Upgrade To Android Marshmallow?

Google Android is one of the most famous operating system in the mobile world. Recently, the Marshmallow operating system is introduced in the Android with multiple features and appeal us to upgrade our Android device quickly and enjoy its latest features.

By Geeta

In the present technical world, we want to update ourself in all ways. Mobile has taken imperative part  in our daily life and with the each passing day, our dependency is increasing. Google Android and iOS are the big giants in the mobile world, that continuously research and development to offer better facilities and services to the mobile users.

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The mobile market leader, Google recently introduced new Android OS, Marshmallow with the amazing features. Marshmallow loads with multiple features that appeals the Android users to upgrade their operating system quickly and enjoy the exceptional features. The Android Application Development team shares plenty of reasons to upgrade your Android device with Marshmallow:

1. Google Now on Your Tap: It is the latest feature of Marshmallow that can be activated with a long-press on the mobile home button. It's created to understand the context better than before, therefore  videos, songs and the likes are dynamically analyzed inside the current app and you receive a large number of relevant links.

2. Built with USB Type-Connector: Marshmallow launched with USB type-C connector. It provides  a quick charging facility, high speed data transfer rate as well as advanced multitasking support.

3. Fingerprint Security: Till now fingerprint security sensor is offered by third party hardware manufacturers, but the Marshmallow OS is launched with this amazing feature. Using this, you can unlock your device instantly, make payments in Android pay and much more.

4. Manage Volumes effectively: Marshmallow, offers a quite easy process to manage device volumes. If you want to enter 'quiet mode', then put the volume to zero mode with the help of hardware buttons, and can tap the down arrow key to personalize device volumes.

5. Doze: Doze put your mobile device very near to airplane mode, when you are not doing any work on your device. It is the auto sense facility in your mobile or tablet. In Marshmallow, there is no any user based functionality, that can be used to enable or disable Doze, and that's why the reason you will get the long life of the battery.

6. Monitor Device Memory Effectively: Android was already offering the adequate information on local storage and battery usage with its previous OS versions , but with Marshmallow you can also get the comprehensive information of device memory. You can effectively check which apps are consuming more memory of your Android device and accordingly personalize your mobile apps.

7. Back up everything in your Apps: Previous versions of Android OS were able to restore lots of imperative data and Android Apps, but with Marshmallow you can also restore previous app settings as well as preferences intuitively. 

These all features are created and integrated in the latest OS of Android. So, you should upgrade your Android device and get the benefits of these amazing features adequately.


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Author: Geeta

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