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Why you Must Subscribe to the Services of a Microsoft Silverlight Application Development Company

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Why you Must Subscribe to the Services of a Microsoft Silverlight Application Development Company

Silverlight has features like text enhancements, flexible browser & platform support, easy data managing & processing, 3-D graphics support etc., that make it a favorite among developers. The current version, Silverlight5 comes with several add-ons that support it.

By Vikas

Anyone thinking about adopting the goodness of RIA in their business looks for Microsoft’s Silverlight primarily owing to its unmatchable features ? With every fresh version’s release Microsoft has ensured that every angle is covered while people use it and tried to make it flawless. Silverlight5 is the present version; this came just after Silverlight4 and has quite an array of add-ons supporting it.

The RIA Reality

A very interesting fact shared by RIAstats ( states that 73% of PCs with internet connection in the world have Microsoft Silverlight in them followed by Sun Java having a share of 74%. Being just launched in 2007, this is a great feat of Microsoft. With any Windows update, Silverlight gets installed in the system making it one of the most used yet less known name among general users who are unaware of its power. All these have lead to the arrival of one of the most befitting cross-browser & platform application development technology. 

Microsoft Silverlight Application Development Company

What Comes with Microsoft Silverlight

With Silverlight, much has been shared by Microsoft. Features like flexible browser and platform support, text enhancements and  many other made this one quite a favorite among the developers. Silverlight development has seen quite a rise due to the need of cross-platform application development.
To name a few features that come as an added advantage when someone used Silverlight for development are shared here. With Silverlight, you get new controls like Pivot viewer which helps you in data managing and processing. The interactiveness is enhanced quite by integrating Silverlight in any running application.

Silverlight5 comes with modified dialogbox and 3-D graphics support. The list does not end here only; as Silverlight supports 64-bit browsers, the performance of any application becomes better. The loading speed and refreshing time gets even  better. Textual enhancements are another episode which is talked about in much delight.

What an Experienced Firm Should Do for you ?

Just knowing the power of the technology will not suffice the project need as one must know about the skill-set the development team must possess for utilizing the best of Silverlight.  A reputed firm with years of expertise will use .NET framework for development purpose and has to be quite in command with concepts of ASP.NET, VB and C#.

Only then they would be fit enough to deliver you desired level of quality application. Any qualified firm has array of offering in the line of Silverlight App development and some of those are shared below for your understanding.

a. Using Silverlight RIA development
b. Use of JavaScript for robust apps
c. AV integration via windows media streaming resulting into fine interactive sessions.
d. Animation development using Silverlight
e. Dynamic website development with interactive tone.
f. Mobile application developments which are windows based.

Excellent Rich Internet Application (RIA), quality of service and promise of boost in efficiency are only few of the benefits that one gets when they opt for an Silverlight expert among others.


Microsoft Silverlight Application Development Company

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Author: Vikas

The author has produced & edited several articles and related informative material for a range of genres including web design & development, software development, Internet marketing etc.  He likes to create informative content to educate readers regarding the current tech trends while remaining engaged in a host of online promotional activities for his organization.