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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Shopify Store to 2.0 Today?

calender 02 Nov 2023

“Get multiple themes, templates, and tools with Shopify 2.0, and let’s create an upgraded shopping experience. Our experts help your Shopify store upgrade with Shopify 2.0.”

Why You Need to Upgrade Your Shopify Store to 2.0 Today

Shopify 2.0 is the updated version of the Shopify platform that includes the architecture of updated themes with enhanced customization options. This updated version is time-saving, with enhanced performance to manage maximum content responsibilities. Shopify store 2.0 version brought a lot of possibilities for store owners since its inception in 2021. It revolutionized the experience for retailers and unlocked new possibilities that increased store flexibility.

It was the big year that represents unveiling changes to Shopify store owners. This change represents a great update to the e-commerce platform that enhances the experience of Shopify developers, app developers, and merchants. This new and updated version brings great enhancements of themes, Online Store Editor, Developer Tools, and Store Content. Let’s discuss why you need to upgrade your Shopify store to 2.0 in this blog.

A Brief Introduction to Shopify 2.0

Shopify 2.0 is an updated version of the Shopify platform. It was released to help store owners save time, enhance performance, and empower better content management. Shopify 2.0 is the biggest announcement that helped 2 million store owners worldwide. It has made some major investments in the last few years and crafted some exceptional experiences. People think Shopify 2.0 is all about themes, but it is above themes. It allows many opportunities that enable business owners to manage the content of their sites easily.

Shopify 2.0 helps customers to create better experiences. It also makes landing pages with different sections with in-built themes. Here the different parts of pages can be controlled using drag-and-drop titles. To summarise, the Shopify 2.0 store enables store owners to customize as per their preferences.

Difference between Shopify Vs. Shopify 2.0

Difference Between Shopify vs Shopify 2_0

Some major advantages of Shopify 2.0 over the previous version

Here are some Shopify 2.0 update features that you need to be aware of:

Sections available for every page

Shopify 2.0 is made while keeping the sections having more legroom to build storefronts that easily match per brand’s vision. With improved and the scheduled latest theme architecture, Shopify 2.0 removes the older limitations. The updated architecture and design provide developers and merchants with a flexible customization experience and sections everywhere.

This has evolved as a big game changer with new editing experience bringing all the exciting features for merchants. Shopify 2.0 doesn’t constrain merchants to a specific number of blocks. This also allows users to bring new sections to each page with better functionality.

Development of Site and Maintenance becomes Easier

As site development and maintenance become easier with Shopify 2.0, it starts introducing new apps and themes for developers. This has also evolved with new tools in the development, testing, and deployment of themes.

All these improvements are aimed towards developers and merchants, which helps in enhanced speed and efficiency. Using Shopify 2.0, developers can now build new apps and themes, using automation.

Faster Websites

The speed of the website also depends on how good the SEO is. Shopify 2.0 brings better user experience and conversions that have improved loading speeds. It becomes 35% faster than the default one. The improved theme called “Dawn” of the 2.0 version has enhanced the loading speed for every website. This enhanced speed proves to be a major advantage in SEO in terms of the conversion funnel of customers visiting your site.

App Modularity

Using the Shopify 2.0 update, the app installation and deletion are easier and cleaner. This update allows developers to integrate seamlessly from the theme editor. Here developers and merchants don’t need to access the theme’s code to integrate their apps. Now apps can be added, removed, and changed directly using the theme editor. Also, using Shopify 2.0 apps can be deployed on any page of your site through blocks.

Key Takeaways

The online store represents an end-to-end overhaul of how themes are built in Shopify. The latest and updated version of the Shopify store brings fascinating updates to every developer and merchant. The process of building themes on Shopify is much easier with new upgrades of themes and tools. These extensive features allow developers to get more opportunities and build integration for merchants to surface the solutions directly to every online Shopify store.

Looking to upgrade your Shopify site version from version 1 to 2.0?

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