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An Android App to Measure Cooler & Freezer

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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The client told us to develop an Android app that can measure the cooler and freezer loads

Our Endeavor:

We call it “Coolest”, and it works on Android platform. The app estimates walk-in cooler and freezer loads from 6x6 up to 40x40 with an 8 or 10 ft height. The app also estimates motors speed, lighting, and occupancy loads along with air changes. The app is based on 95* ambient. It has two modules: Box Estimates and More Estimates. The Box Module comes with two sub modules: Freezer and Cooler. The cooler segment counts temperature from 30 to 35 Fahrenheit to calculate loads; while the Freezer segment counts temperature from 0,-10,-20 Fahrenheit temperature to calculate loads. The app can estimate other things as well, like; motor heat loads, lighting heat loads, occupancy heat loads, air changes, electric formulas etc.

The app starts with a splash screen having three buttons: “Box Estimates”, “More Estimates” and “Exit”. Box Calculation area will have 2 options: "Cooler" and "Freezer".
Calculation can be performed via following steps:
  • User can select calculator type
  • User can select unit as ºC and ºF
  • User can select box temperature
  • User can select the box size
  • User can select usage type as typical and heavy.

Application will display estimated load along with the summary of the process with input values. The usages section will display the static info of about the load distribution as per usages type. When a user selects any input button it gets highlighted and saved automatically. We have formulated a lot of arithmetic formulas in the app which helps the system to estimate the temperature.



Client Comments:

It looks great.

  •  An Android App to Measure Cooler & Freezer Load

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