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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The Client approached us with a requirement wherein he wanted us to design & develop a social networking website with the option provided to users for creating and managing groups. The subscription is provided through either free or paid mechanism. These memberships are approved by the group administrators.

Our Endeavor:

This was a challenging and complicated website to develop. We named it “Our Social Cloud”. DNN, ASP.Net technology and SQL Server 2008 are the main technologies we have used to develop this site where various groups have been created including:

-        Clubs,

-        Associations,

-        Organizations,

-        Charity/Non-Profits,

-        Religious/Spiritual Groups,

-        Local Groups,

-        Sports Clubs,

-        Schools/Student Organizations,

-        Housing and Condo Associations

These groups have volunteers who assist in running the group, its members and member guardians. The volunteers can also manage sub-groups and members can be assigned to the sub-groups. 

To give the website utmost workability, we have decided to implement the following features and functionalities in it:
  • The end user is able to select either a free or paid/subscription version. The free version has banner advertising and the paid version comes without any ads.
  • Site allows 7 different types of security roles each with different access and update rights.
  • Site will interface with PayPal for subscription as well as to allow members to create credit card transactions/payments.
  • Groups are able to create a shopping cart for their members.
  • Site will allow the group administrators to send out newsletters and emails to the group members. Members should be able to unsubscribe as needed.
  • Site has a shared calendar and allows uploading of events in popular calendar formats (i.e. ICAL, CSV etc.).
  • Group admin is allowed to track member information and history.
  • The site can generate both administrative reports and user level reports. These reports can be exported in spreadsheet or PDF format.
  • We have enabled multi-language support on screens and reports
Administrative Functionalities:

According to the requirements, we have implemented functionalities where any user will be able to register with the website as a group admin, member, staff, guardian, regional coordinator etc. There is one more role "National level admin" that type of users created by webmaster only. We have enabled National level admin to have an own portal and manage all the groups. Further, the admin can generate reports, manage regions and can distribute groups under regions. Each region has own regional coordinator and he will view all activities of his region specific groups. Group admin can create classes.Website itself having multiple portals where the group admin owns portal to manage its members, post events, import/export events from Facebook. We have also implemented functionalities so that users can login through their Facebook login details. Further, we have also integrated Facebook and Twitter in the website.

Security Roles:

We have implemented different security levels and their access privileges are defined in the site for each member of the site. Security rules that are used are as follow:

Full access to site. Ability to track subscription/payment information, manage groups (i.e. activate, inactivate), run dashboard / reports to monitor usage and demographics, define group type templates; create default values base on the group type.

Group Administrator:
The user that creates or signs up the group will be the group administrator. He/she will be able to configure basic parameters for the group, grant or remove access for group members, update shared calendar, define events, run reports. Members can request to join a specific group but the group administrator has to approve the access. When the group administrator creates a new group, an email notification will be sent to the group administrator giving them the basic credentials and information for the group.

Staff/Volunteer can access the group's website and request to join or can be setup by the group administrator. If they join via the web, they will come in with the member security role and the group administrator will “upgrade” them to a Staff/Volunteer role. Group administrator will be able to associate the Staff/Volunteer to a “sub group” or “class” Members could be grouped into classes and a staff would be responsible for a single or multiple classes. Upon approval, a welcome email stating user name and password will be sent to the Staff/Volunteer.

Member can access the group's website and request to join or be setup by the group administrator. The group administrator will approve or reject the request. Upon approval, a welcome email stating user name and password will be sent to the member.

The guardian users can be associated with one or more members and can view information of the members associated to the guardian. A guardian user can produce reports (detailed later) for information on the members that are associated to the guardian. The group administrator should be able to make the association between the guardian and the member.

This user is created by the Webmaster. The user should be able to go to the main landing page and request to be setup as a Supervisor. An email will be sent to the webmaster and they will be able to see the pending request and approve or reject the Supervisor request. The Webmaster will be accountable to verify and grant the role.

Regional Coordinator:
This user is created by the Supervisor. This user can be associated to one or many groups within a group type (i.e. karate club, youth club, social club, etc.). A distinct Group Type value (selected during the sign up process) will be created for the different types of groups (i.e. karate club, youth club, social club, etc.)

Payment Module:

Each group having own shopping cart, own products which they can manage through their portals and make cash/check payments and credit/debit card payments via paypal.
Other Modules:

We have integrated Data Springs modules like Dynamic Login, Dynamic Registration, Dynamic Forms, Opt-In Emails, Advance Emails, Testimonials, Blogs, News Ticker, Survey, Dynamic Info Pictures and many more. Group admin can send newsletters to users and can generate reports periodic basis. Each group portal is having own document library where the admin can maintain files and folders. Webmasters will be able to manage each and every activity with the website. He/she can set mail templates, manage landing page items/content, testimonials, ads etc. Further, the admin can send newsletter to subscribed members. Webmaster can apply settings at group level for payment, commissions and can allow/deny members or any role to access modules.


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