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Web Application for Realtor 'ClassLook' Using Dot Net – Online Classes

Client Brief

The client's requirement was to develop a calendar based web application that allows a realtor to search for events and classes (educational programmes) on calendar. Functionalities like view class information as well as enrolling for classes are also among some specific requirements.

Our Endeavor

This website happens to be a means of helping realtors to get connected with big shots of real estate brokers in and around Arizona. Specialist offer classes and users enroll themselves to take up this classes to enhance their professional skills. We have designed and developed the whole website and call this ClassLook.com (http://classlook.com/beta/default.aspx). Currently this is running on beta, but later the client wishes to redirect it and launch it as a fully functional site. We have started working on it from scratch.

We have created a web application that allows the registration of a provider and realtor for multiple cities. A Provider can create the classes and events for selected cities only. However, the Realtors could search for classes and events and get registered with the events that they would like to participate in. The registration is done for cities separately by the provider, whereas the realtors too are asked to get registered with each city in which they wish to operate. All classes/events are displayed in a jQuery based calender. The reason behind developing a jQuery based calender is the availability of many advanced features through it like the custom drop-downs,Slider pop ups and calender search without page postback that could only be achieved using the jQuery and Ajax. 

Initially we have done the following things:
  • Designed the database and architecture of the website
  • Designed graphic (one for each) for homepage and an inside page template
  • Done tableless HTML conversion and have developed 5 static HTML pages
  • Integrated default flash video player
We have incorporated the following functionalities in the front-end of the website:
  • The main menu on the home page displays the following – Home, Realtor, Class/Event Provider, and One Time Event functionalities
  • Realtors are able to search for CE classes, business training classes, and events
  • Class/event providers are able to list their class details and events
Two types of users can register themselves with this website:  “Realtors” and “Class Providers”.   


We have provided some accessibility and special features to Realtors. A realtor would be able to register with the website by entering the following details:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Company
  • Office Address
  • Years in Real Estate
  • Homes Sold a Year
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Areas You Work

Realtor needs to select the following:
  • States: Realtors are able to select the state from the 50 states plus US territories
  • Main city: Realtors can select the main city from the menu of cities within the state selected
  • Cities: Realtor can select the multiple cities other than main city.
  • Classes of interest: Realtors need to select the one - All, CE, Technology, Business Training, Networking, Give Away
  • Subtype Realtors would be able to select the sub-type associate with type:
  • Commissioner Standards
Fair Housing
Agency Law
Legal Issues
Contract Law
Realtors can filter the providers
Realtors can edit their profile details

Realtor Calendar Page:
  • A realtor can view CE classes, business training classes, and events on the calendar based on the realtor criteria
  • Class details will be populated once click on the class event from the event calendar
  • A realtor has been facilitated to click on a calendar date and can select the criteria (City, Type, Subtype, Cost, Provider, and Time). Realtor can view the information and option to register. When a realtor clicks the “Reg” button, his/her personal info has been sent to the providers
  • After registering for a class, automatic email reminders will sent to the realtors 48 hours, 24 hours, and 2 hours prior to the class. This reminder facility can also be customized depending upon one's personal preferences .
  • An email will be sent after class end time with the survey link to users who has registered for the class. If not responded, a follow up mail will be sent.

  • Class/Event providers can access the following:
  • Training Basic Calendar
  • Training Calendar Pro

  • Training Basic Calendar: Class/Event Provider would be able to choose one from the Training Calendar Basic subscription– “Month to Month” and “Annual”
  • Training Calendar Pro: Class/Event Provider would be able to choose one from the Training Calendar Pro subscription– “Month to Month” and “Annual”.

Provider Calendar Page:

We have facilitated the providers with following  functionalities:
  • They can view all the lasses/events displayed in this page
  • They can view all class details
  • They can add/edit/delete events
  • They can filter their searches
  • They can view who and how many students are registered for classes
  • They are enabled to upgrade their subscription plans
  • At the scheduled end time of the class the system will send a survey type document that ask the provider to check boxes confirming students that attended and students that did not attend. This attendance record can be tracked
  • They can obtain a link that will allow them to embed a copy of their training calendar on their web site. Users wanting to register will be directed to the site to sign up or log-in

Admin Panel:

We have created an admin section to manage and handle the providers and realtors profiles in a better way.  We have allowed the admin to manage the following functionalities: 
  • Admin would be able to create Employee profile and assign codes to that employee to be used when class providers register. Code is not needed for provider to register, when used it tracks the employee that made the sale. Up to 3 codes can be assigned ranging in sign up cost of $20, $30, or $40.
  • Can manage videos for Realtor and Event/classes on the back-end
  • Can manage the static informative content - about, service, terms and policies and contact us
  • Can manage the subscription types
  • Can manage the payment transactions
  • Can manage the banner ads
  • Can add/manage the Classes and their sub-types
  • Can be able to add/manage states and cities under the selected state
  • Can review, filter, and export data in 4 databases that track behavior


Microsoft Dot Net


Real Estate

Client Comments

Ongoing maintenance on a project that the team has done very well on. SynapseIndia has everything needed to see a project from beginning to end and for the life of the company

 Web Application for Realtor 'ClassLook' Using Dot Net – Online Classes

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