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Window App for Travel 'BingMapApp' Using Dot
Net – Location tracking

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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The project was about developing a window based application to show the real time location of private taxis into the Bing map.

Our Endeavor:

We have developed the Project into the .NET window application using the Bing MAP SDK to show the client provided specific data in the format he wanted them to be showcased into the Bing map. There are several custom features to show the Pushpin, information box on the map, coloring as per the different data received, same location data notification with the special sign including counter.
We have controlled the zooming features with auto set as per the number of data received from the XLS. User have the option to the custom zoom in/out as well. There are some Pushpin, and Taxi details with real time data file location settings available on the application.

There are several parameter which allow operator to view the information which will either be vehicles or locations. Parameters within the information passed will indicate the state of the vehicle through a text and color coded system. Parameters for the locations would indicate whether they are pickup locations or destinations. We have the ability to move the application and sync on specified time to display the latest data.


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  •  Window App for Travel 'BingMapApp' Using Dot Net – Location tracking

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