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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The client approached us with a requirement of designing and developing an app for iPhones and iPads that would help users to customize their text bubbles.

Our Endeavor:

The project involved developing an image processing application for iOS using XCode, Objective C and Core Graphics. We have implemented a text bubble feature on the application that allows users to add bubbles with texts on the images. In addition, we have implemented in app purchase for the users to create unlimited bubbles, customize the font style and color of the text. We have also implemented Facebook and Twitter APIs to share the customized images.

According to the requisites we have developed the application for the below features:
  • Bubble creation interface where you add your text to any photo.
  • A vast selection of fonts, colors and bubble styles to choose from.
  • Pinch, Drag, Rotate and Arrow adjustment technology to get your bubbles where the users want them.
  • Users can share their creations to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - or send them over Email and Text message.
  • Users can edit their photos at any time from the gallery.


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  •  iPhone Mobile App for Creating Text Bubble 'Bubble'

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