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iPhone Mobile App for Medical Risk
Stratification 'STarT Back'

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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The client approached us with a requirement of developing an iPhone app for medical risk stratification.

Our Endeavor:

Start Back is a medical risk stratification tool for primary care providers. The application is a tool for medical providers who can record the risk level and recommendation of the patient. We have developed  the application would be developed as a standalone static application wherein all the user data will be stored locally on users' device. The app works as a tool for primary care medical providers in order to record their patients information and collect questionnaire response. Using the app, patients can identify the severity of their pain using proposed scoring system and get medication and recommendation on time.

The user would login into the application and can view history records of the patient. Medical provider can also take the test by entering the suitable answers of the pre-defined questionnaire. On the basis of the user answers, risk and recommendation would be shown to the users. User can also find the physical therapy finders within the application and can also have more information on the back pain. Application is compatible for both iPhone and iPad.


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  •  iPhone Mobile App for Medical Risk Stratification 'STarT Back'

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