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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The project was about developing an iPhone application for risk assessment where users would enter details to assess a risk, calculate the risk and send the final assessment report through email.

Our Endeavor:

We have developed the application and connected it with a sqlite database to store the data that a user would enter in the available fields. Application is having a speedometer, which is used to show the risk level along with the risk level. Risk level would be shown using the colored boxes and colors code depend on the risk levels. The application has the option to show the already saved risks into the database with option to edit them and export as PDF and sent the same via mail. We have used the Quartz core framework for the PDF and graph creation of the application.

To assess a risk, a user needs to input data on the following fields:
  • Title/Event
  • Description
  • Assessor name    
  • Day/date time

The following option fields while creating the risk instead of essential field description of risk with name:
  • Camera integration for images
  • Send message and mail
  • Set reminder
  • Calculation of Risk Matrix
  • Store geo-location detail

Risk Assessment screen:

This screen is having the following options/tabs:
  • Title/Event
  • Description
  • Assessor name
  • Day/date time
  • Risk (Definition and example): Allow users to enter risk owner in the text field and can add further text boxes using symbol “+” if required.
  • Treatment (Definition and example): Treatment section provides the name of assigned member.
  • Camera integration: multiple images can be taken image and will be saved as JPEG.
  • Alarm and Next review: Set an alarm to remind users to monitor & review a risk or treatment or set the next review of the risk or treatment. Only next review is documented in report
  • Alert: Alert can only work when a risk is identified.
  • Location: Geo-location is available to tag a risk.
  • Note: Users can add notes about a risk or the assessment.
  • Save: Allow users to save risks assessments.
Matrix Calculation Button Screen:
  • Matrix Calculation Screen with page controlled scrolling which will have table mentioned category, consequences, likelihood. Category can be customized in settings.
  • Heat Map Section: Drag to see heat map or push heat map button.
  • Save the risk after selecting from the table

Save Risk Assessment Screen:

  • This screen will show all the details mentioned while adding. Icons will also be displayed if provided, when users touch the icon the data opens up.
  • The priority of risks will be based on the highest risk level
  • Delete Assessment: Users can touch and slide any assessment to delete
  • Report/image: Users can select report button on any assessment and images will be attached as JPEG together with report and emailed to email addresses.

Risk Assessment report screen:

The report will be generated in the PDF and will have logo of the company. The other part of report screen will show the risk assessment before treatment and after treatment as mentioned in the Heat Map screen in the provided PDF.

Report ready to send Screen:

The final report will be sent via email and users can change the details in “settings” if required.


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  •  iPhone App for Risk Management

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