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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

The client approached with a requirement of designing & developing an application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices for EO members only. The user would login into the application and can create multiple groups by adding EO Members from different chapters and add moderator also.

Our Endeavor:

The app has been devised for EO members and they can use it on their iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Using this app, the members can create multiple groups, set reminders, add documents using iTunes and Google play, capture daily updates and perform a lot other tasks.

The application is workable on both online and off-line modes; however, it requires Internet connectivity to allow the members to log-in into the application and adding members into the groups from selected chapters. Once the user adds the members in the group, the application can work on off-line mode.

Let’s discuss the features and functionalities of EO Forum iPhone/iPad/Andoird app in greater details:


  • On its very first launch, the application fetches the EO Chapter list. The user can select a chapter depending upon his location and can view the respective member list of that particular chapter.
  • Users can create multiple groups and the groups will be saved locally.
  • Users can add members from different chapters on the groups they have created.
  • Users can their own groups on their iPhones and assign a moderator accordingly.
  • Users can import forum/group agenda (XLS or doc file) of any particular group using iTunes.
  • Users can send monthly forum agenda (file as attachment) to a group using the iPhone mail client.
  • Users can set reminders in the iCal app of iOS.
  • Users can send out the reminder for the next meeting individually to other members of a group using iPhone mail client.
  • The application allows user to capture daily updates by entering daily update with pre-defined fields/template such as:
A line or two to describe the event.
A column to describe the Significance/Impact.
A column to describe the emotions.
  • The app allows daily capture of updates that would be saved locally and will be visible to the user as a listing at the end of the month. The user can also view previous months listing.
  • The app allows the users to create multiple password protected groups on backend server. All group members have access to the associated groups.
  • Group creator has the rights to declare moderator of a group.
  • As soon as a user creates a group and add members and save on the server, the requested members will receive a mail from the server in which they have right to accept and reject the request. As soon user accepts the request they will receive the password to access the group.
  • The moderator has the exclusive ability to import and delete the group agenda which is available in DOC, PDF and XLS sheet formats. A group member can view the docs uploaded by moderator.


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  •  EO Forum iPhone/iPad/Android App

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