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Website for 'ontronics' Using CakePHP – Online Mobile Phone Store

Client Brief

The client's area of operation is to buy used handset and to refurbish/recycle them. He approached SynapseIndia with a requirement to design and develop a website against his business which would work as platform for mobile buy-back vendors.

Our Endeavor

Designing the Site:

We have designed the whole website - starting from the homepage to the inside pages. Choosing the color scheme of the site was our preliminary approach; and we settled on using the lightest shade of gray, and dark gray. To match the base, other elements( buttons etc.) were designed in bright colors like orange. The banner, images have been patched in the website in such a manner, that a user who is seeing the website first the first time, will take no time to recognize that, the website is about electronics recycling.

Developing the Site:

Ontronics is a leading company focused on recycling, re-manufacturing and re-marketing of consumer electronics. Alongside, it also offers various other services like consumer electronics repair, consumer electronics refurbishment, custom packaging, software configurations, data/content removal, warehousing, and much more.

The website that we have developed, works as a system from where retailers or third party vendors can search for devices (mobile/smartphones) and check out their respective prices that the client is offering to them. The website is accessible to three types of users of users: retailers, sales representatives, store managers and warehouse staff.

On an outset...

The website allows a user to browse through the product categories and their details and choose a product for buying. Once a customer finalizes a product, retailer can create a shipment and can affix FedEx shipping label, which is to be generated from site. He can then ship the product to the client's warehouse. Apart from accepting trade-ins, retailers can manage all the users of their stores and can view sales report of their sales representatives and store manager. ON the other side, once device is received at the warehouse, the client can pull up the record from database by entering shipping ID to view the shipped devices and its details. He can even create discrepancies report if any device is missing from the shipment.

Let's now discuss the accessibility the four users are bestowed with...


Retailers can perform the following tasks:

  • They are given log-in credentials provided by the admin and can view the details of their retail stores and the details of store managers associated with their stores.
  • Can view the profile created by the admin. Retailers would be able to edit their profile details.
  • Can view the price offered by the admin and price to be offered to the customer by device make and model.
  • Can view the price of devices for them as a retailer and the price to be offered to the consumers for each condition of the device.
  • Can search quote provided to the customer by quote# which remains valid for 30 days from the date quoted.
  • Can view reports for all of their stores based on the purchase by sales representative and date.
  • Can view report on package checklist issues as filled by Warehouse staff.
  • Can view consolidated report of package checklist issues and can also view reports by store.
  • Can view unique code and its respective credit value as entered by the admin.

Store Manager:

Store managers can perform the following tasks:

  • Can log-in using their credentials created by the admin.
  • Can view and determine price to be offered to the customer by device make and model.
  • Can view and edit list of the devices that has been purchased offline from the customer by their respective sales representative.
  • Can view the quote provided to the customers by the sales representative.
  • Can print and attach the shipping label (using FedEx).
  • Can view generate package list with devices being shipped and their serial number.
  • Can view the sales report of the store managed by them by date and sales representative.

Sales Representatives:

Sales representatives can perform the following tasks:

  • Can log-in to their accounts using their credentials created by the admin.
  • Can enter the make/model# and condition of the device to view the quote to be provided to the customers.
  • Can view their own sales reports.
  • Can view unique code and its respective credit value as entered by the admin.

Warehouse Staff:

Warehouse staff can perform the following tasks:

  • Can log-in to the website using their credentials provided by the admin.
  • Can able to enter the shipping ID that would be available on the shipping label entered by the retailers/store manager and can view the package list.
  • Can view and edit the package list. A package list would display the list of devices included in the package shipped by the retailers/store managers with serial number, a check-box to confirm the receipt of the device in the same condition as shipped and an option to enter their notes.
  • They can enter notes in case the device received is not in the same condition as mentioned in the checklist; or if the device is not found in the package but mentioned in the list.
  • On completing the checklist would be able to send report to the admin.

Admin Panel:

Apart from the users discussed above, the whole site is maintained by a super admin. The super admin can perform the following tasks to maintain the website and its functionalities:

  • Can create log-in credentials for all the users.
  • Can add/edit/delete store managers, sales representatives and Warehouse staffs.
  • Can add/delete products. There are 3 conditions defined for each product and the pricing for each product based on the device model and each condition would be set in the website.
  • Can view reports by each retailer, store manager and sales representative.
  • Can manage the content of the static informative pages.
  • Can view the package list sent by the retailers/store managers.
  • Can enter unique code and respective credit value from the backend which would be displayed to the retailers, store owners and sales representative.




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