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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The client wanted us to re-develop his existing website with existing functionalities in WordPress and integrate as well as customize the client provided theme.

Our Endeavor:

Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency, Inc. is a leading independent insurance company, which offers personalized service to help find the lowest cost quality business insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and equine and farm insurance to its customers.
We have configured the site on WordPress on client's server and have integrated/customized the paid theme in it. Plugins like Newsletter, Lates News, Contact us , Site Map, Social media accounts are integrated were been integrated in the new theme.
We have also implemented the WordPress's default search fucntionality and have embedded testimonial and blog sections in the site.

Enhancements Done

Further, the client approached us to make enhancements & fixations on multiple websites that were based on different technologies like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Design/HTML modifications and Concrete5 CMS. He wanted some custom functionality in admin panel, besides resolving the browser compatibility issues. Working on the project, our team of developers made the required enhancements of existing themes and plugin, besides creation of custom forms and fixing of various browser compatibility issues. We have converted huge amount of data in excel to PDF to be used on the site and resolved the run time issues. Additionally, we have also created some custom functionality in the admin panel for managing various aspects of the websites. 


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