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Website for Online Dating Platform 'Mingle
Tables' in CakePHP

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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The client approached us with a requirement to develop a dating site, that would also work as an online networking platform.

Our Endeavor:

MingleTables allows it's users to set up reservations for dinners, drinks, and get-togethers with their friends, strangers, or any random person you meet online if you are interested to). The goal of the site is to allow users to get offline and have real life social experiences – all these at the click of a button.

Our design team has used vibrant colors and modern looks to the design of the website so that it stands out from its competitor. The home page of the website is showing short text and a bigger image that shows a table on which some people are enjoying a dinner party explaining the website and its usage. The hyperlink to create profile and login are placed on a prominent place so that user can reach them very easily. The toll free number of the website can be located very easily on the homepage. The text ‘Table’, ‘Profile’ and ‘Find Table’ are written in such a way on homepage that one can easily understand purpose of the website. The design team has put a well thought design keeping in mind usability and visibility of various features of the website.

Now on the designing front, we have facilitated the users to search a table in their favorite restaurant and can book it in advance. But to utilize the utilities available, a user needs to register with the site and create a profile for themselves like any other dating or social networking site. Apart from front-end sections, the site is backed with a back-end panel managed by the admin of the site. The dynamic content of the site, apart from other features and functionalities can be managed by him through his panel.




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  •  Website for Online Dating Platform 'Mingle Tables' in CakePHP

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