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Worpdress Website for Banking 'Wolfe Trahan'
- Finance Advisory Firm

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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The client approached us to develop a WordPress website that will reflect their business goals. The website required a professional frontend along with a firm admin panel that will have full control over the website.

Our Endeavor:

Wolfe Trahan Securities, LLC, is a broker-dealer affiliate of Wolfe Trahan & Co., engages in equity and debt underwriting and corporate finance advisory transactions in the Airfreight & Surface Transportation, Auto & Truck Manufacturers & Suppliers and Passenger Airline sectors. We have developed a WordPress site for the firm that shouts out loud the company’s business details to its target group.

The admin of the site can manage the content (both textual and graphics) along with the “events” and “reports” section. The admin can attach PDF, XLS, DOC & HTML files on the report section and the end users can download them from the frontend. Users need to get registered to enjoy the utilities available on the site. They have their individual profiles that are manageable from their end. Logged-in users can download reports in PDF, XLS, ICS, .MP3 etc. formats.


  • To develop the website we have used latest WordPress 3.2.1 version in backend to give the admin full control over the site's content. We have developed the following sections in the website:
    • Events
    • Events related conferences details
    • Research Library [Various types of Reports]
    • News & Announcements
    • Various static pages like - About Us, Our Team, The Wolfe Edge, Wolfe Products etc. were also been developed.
  • In the Research Library, the contents are segregated in various categories. Each category has it's associated article. Each article has some associated report document as well, which would are available in PPT/PDF/XLS formats. End users can download the same by putting their personal information. Once a user puts his personal information, the system creates a cookie and save the user information in user cookie. We have also integrated a calendar basically used for filtering the content of a particular date. We have also used basic WordPress tagging feature to tag the associated content.
  • Events can be managed using a third party plugin [all in one event calendar] and the frontend of the events are customized and it can be fetched by creating a relationship among the categories.
  • For the conference section we have created custom templates and these are basically managed via embedded HTML in the admin panel and it can be managed via WP post.
  • News & Announcements section is also managed via WordPress post and can be just categorized on the basis of category.

Apart from the frontend, the site has a stout admin panel that carries following features and functionalities:


  • Approve/unapproved a user’s registration.
  • Filter the users by using the custom filed (First Name, Last Name, Company, Phone Number etc.)
  • Track the users’ last login record.
  • View the user logs when any front-end user download the reports (PDF, XLS, ICS, .MP3 etc.

Additionally, we have added the custom functionality for the manage post so that the admin will able to assign flags against any post and accordingly frontend users can download the report file. We have also added the custom functionality in the admin enabling them to set flags to show the full or excerpt content of the report file in the frontend.




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  •  Worpdress Website for Banking 'Wolfe Trahan' - Finance Advisory Firm

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