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Rigorous testing methods at the core of superior quality delivered by SynapseIndia

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Rigorous testing methods at the core of superior quality delivered by SynapseIndia

We carry out programming with quality assurance & client satisfaction in mind.

By Arpit Goyal

The software development life cycle (SDLC) at SynapseIndia is mainly driven by two factors: timely delivery and superior quality. Timely delivery is ensured by conducting a deep analysis of the requirements and chalking out a plan accordingly. This analysis also sets out a road map for the development team so that they can proceed according to a predefined path.

The testing stage is very significant in the entire SDLC process as it is involved in a critical step – quality control. Our developers carry out their programming while keeping the quality assurance and control measures in mind. Additionally, the team also follow a  unit testing model that enables them to detect and resolve potential issues on a real-time basis. With a highly experienced team of quality assurance professionals, we are confident about delivering flawless products to every single client. The QA professionals have deep knowledge about the international quality standards and guidelines. The professionals exhibit outstanding traits that make them some of the best testing personnel in the industry. The look into every single detail of a development process and its results.
Our testing team has a great extent of autonomy in terms of their responsibilities. If they find out any issue related to the product, they can act on it as per the predefined quality policy. In a nutshell, the testing stage is where product defects are reported and tracked by QA professionals. Then the issues are resolved by the development team and the product is tested again. This ensures that the client gets a delivery even without a minor flaw.


SynapseIndia Testing Process

Author: Arpit Goyal

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