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SynapseIndia is a fully integrated web solution provider. The range of our expert services includes offshore, custom software and applications development; web design and development; IT consultancy services, and a variety of internet marketing solutions.

In each of our endeavor, we aim to offer advanced solutions and services that ensure better return on investment for our clients. Following gives a glimpse of what some our clients have to say about us.

5-star Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 by 3757 clients on over 10000 projects for SynapseIndia

It's a pleasure to work with SynapseIndia team. The project was delivered in high quality and meet our expectations, which is not easy. SynapseIndia has excellent developers and great project managers. I enjoyed consistent and timely daily communication with them and appreciate the effort by SynapseIndia team.

When necessary product adjustments are needed, SynapseIndia team did it without hesitations with the speed I expected from top notch team. I believe we produced a world class App and look forward to see it success in market place.

I am a veteran Silicon Valley product manager and to win my praise is not easy, believe me. I thoroughly enjoyed working with SynapseIndia team. I highly recommend it. For the scale of 1 to 10, I would rate it to 10.

- By Steve Lee

Based on a good experience with SynapseIndia 5 years ago, when they have implemented a content management system to my website, I have decided to award them a project of upgrades to that same website. SynapseIndia successfully completed this challenge as well and I am happy to recommend them.

- Edward Westberry

They are very knowledgeable, flexible about requirements that changed, kept me updated on the progress, provided valuable suggestions and made a great effort to complete the project to my fullest satisfaction. I would like to thank SynapseIndia for their outstanding work, especially for kindly performing tasks that were outside the scope of the original project and I am looking forward to a long term business relationship.

- Marko Pervanja

We value the fact that they are a big team providing software development services and bring a lot of expertise to the table. We will definitely continue to do business with SynapseIndia in the future. Thanks heaps once again!

- By Nate Jak

I am the business owner, and do not have tech ideas about computer codes, but I have a code writer on staff that could discuss technical issues in depth with Synapseindia who offers custom software development services. My contact/counterpart for custom software application development did everything I asked to do.

- By Ammanda Swinney

We met daily for many weeks to update each other on progress of computer software development or needs that changed in software application development. She was quite easy to work with, and I would work with her again on other custom software application projects! She kept me informed of computer software development items we needed to discuss on a timely basis.

- By William Brown

Everything looks good thus far. Thanks for your hard and professional work. We are very pleased with your team's work on the site. Have a good weekend!!

- By Randolph Parker
Studio Bypass

I wanted to share with you my comments and feedback. I must say that the quality of work, attention to detail and responses are vastly improved to what it was previously. SynapseIndia is doing a great job so far in terms of keeping in touch and informed replies. I would like to thank you for the support and service and hope that this will continue in this manner.

- By Paul Tsang

Very professional and a great company to work with. Would highly recommend.

- By Alex Vayner

Very good work, very professional. Stayed on or ahead of schedule and on budget.

- By Matthew Smith

Right from the beginning, the Synapse Team showed their top notch skills and talent. Throughout the project timeline, they were always easy to communicate with and always made things happen. Even after additional work was requested, they happily endured the additional load while still meeting the deadlines. Also, updates were given on an almost daily occurrence with many details and screenshots of the work completed. Weekly reports were great to fallow as to the next weeks progress schedule. If future needs arise, I will continue to work with the Synapse Team. There is no doubt they will exceed every expectation you have for a project.

- By Derek Hanna

After a great deal of research, it seemed as though SynapseIndia would be a great fit for our web app, iPhone app, and database project, and we couldn't have been more right in selecting them. Working with SynapseIndia was an incredible experience. The entire team was professional, timely, responsive and a pleasure to work with at all times. A special thank to the team for their leadership and many talents. Our many compliments can be validated by the fact that we have already signed up for three additional projects with the SynapseIndia team. We plan on a very long and prosperous partnership with this organization. They are consistently fair and work with your best interests in mind. We highly recommend

- By John Pinto

I got to know them via Elance on 2007 where they topped the chart of highest grosser in a year. They have proved their presence by being a hard-working, transparent and professional team. I am working with for more than 2 years now. What shall I say? Web designing, web development, web application, web marketing - you name it, SynapseIndia is one of the best I've seen when it comes to web.

- By Marvin Lewis
Insurance major

Good job Team SynapseIndia! I was a bit iffy before setting my feet for an outsource specialist to get my web site developed. The complex architecture, product/category listing pages, and yah, that shopping cart solution, compelled me to go for a lengthy search for the one with right experience. There were a series of communications that I had with a list of others. Many sounded promising and SynapseIndia was one amongst them. If that day it was their genuine and interactive communication that separated them out from the lot, today it is there work that speaks of their credibility. All the way they were a true professional outfit. I am happy to have them on my side. Thanks!

- Senior Marketing Personnel
Product Selling Company

A very professional team that reciprocated my need of a web 2.0-standard web site with one that is neatly designed, secure and search engine friendly. Great job!

- By Erwin Thomas
Online Pharmaceutical and Health awareness Business

"Thank you very much! I have two more projects in store and lined up for you."

- By Senior Manager
Tourism major

"My need was of an educational portal targeting kids of 3 to 12 years. A peppy and colourful site complete with innovative games and learning modules. It was the sensitive and direct communication, and most importantly, the experience in developing educational portals that guided my decision in the positive of SynapseIndia.

In return, this professional web development company delivered me a web site that features all the ingredients in right proportions - just exactly the way I wanted. And it is SEO friendly too! Now, I have a site which comes with interesting Flash games, interactive interfaces and yet easily manageable. Truly, experts don't have any substitute. Sure recommendation, any day."

- John Sutcliff
Online Education Portal & Educational Gaming site

"I would also like to add we have been very pleased with your efficiency."

- Dallas Watson

I wanted to thank-you for all your efforts thus far on the Namta marketing campaign. The results of your hard work are yielding many more visits to the site, and at least one new member this week (albeit the member subsequently cancelled their account for reasons unknown).

- Don Ficken
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