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5 Crucial Reasons to Choose React JS for Your Next Project

calender 19 Oct 2022

“ReactJS is an open source, efficient, declarative, component-based front-end JavaScript library. Read the blog to know the top reasons to embrace React JS for your next dream project.”

5 Crucial Reasons to Choose React JS for Your Next Project

With all the existing frameworks and libraries, the web interface development technology stack is extremely rich and multifaceted. For a business owner willing to take their business online, choosing the right tools can be a difficult decision. However, it is still a crucial aspect for the future success of a product.

Choosing a tried-and-true tool, like Angular, might seem like a good idea. But there are more options to consider if you're creating a specific type of product. React, one of the most popular and fastest growing frontend libraries, has been gaining ground among developers as well as business owners. Due to a number of its benefits, it could soon become the go-to web development tool.

Why choose ReactJS? And, most importantly, when not to use it? Let's take a closer look at the reasons to choose React JS for your dream project.

Quick Glimpse on What ReactJS is?

React came out in 2013 for the sole purpose of creating web app elements, which could be anything from a button to text or a label.

ReactJS is an efficient, open source, declarative, component-based front-end JavaScript library maintained by social media giant Facebook. It is used to create user interfaces tailored only for the display layer of web and mobile applications.

It got off to a rocky start in its early phase when developers found it awkward to use markup and JavaScript in a standard file. It gradually changed as they discovered the versatility of their component-centric approach. Thus began the popularity of React JS in the world of web development.

Currently, it is normal for companies these days to look for a ReactJS development company instead of other frameworks. But how has it happened? Why did the world and developers switch to ReactJS? Certainly, some advantages brought React to the forefront.

Lets Know Why React is So Popular!

Let's Know Why React is So Popular! - Infographic

5 Crucial Reasons to Choose React JS for Your Project

Here, in this section, we will explain the top 5 reasons that you should choose React JS for your dream project:

#1. Help Build Rich-User Interfaces

Nowadays, the quality of an app's user interface plays an important role. If the user interface is poorly designed, it reduces the chances of an app being successful.

But, if an app has a high-quality user interface, then there are more chances that its users will love using the app. Therefore, creating rich user interfaces is necessary for an application to survive and thrive.

The good news is that React allows you to create rich, high-quality user interfaces through its declarative components, which brings us to the next point.

#2. It's Fast, Simple and Easy-to-Use

React.js has the advantage of creating discrete components that make up the larger UI, and then using simple HTML and JavaScript components to create more complex UI functionality.

Dynamic DOM can be used with React.js to update dynamic UI components without requiring users to reload the page, speeding up the loading of native websites and apps. Because people like fast-loading pages and online applications, React code is extremely valuable when building front-end web applications due to its speed and agility.

React's development tools make it easy to build mobile app components and web apps.

#3. A Scalable Tool for JavaScript Programmers

React allows developers to integrate interactive UI components into HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and other code layouts in a scalable way, thanks to the capabilities described above.

React also offers several React.js plugins that can be used to enhance an app's functionality and workflow.

#4. Allows to Write Custom Elements

React comes with JSX, an optional syntax extension, which allows you to write your own components. These components basically accept HTML quotes and also make all the subcomponents render a nice experience for developers.

Although there has been a lot of discussion on the subject of JSX, it has already been used for writing custom components, building high-volume applications, and turning HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

#5. React Developers Get Strong Support from the Community

React.js has one of the most active mobile app design and development communities of any programming language today. It's also open source, which means anyone can download the React code, modify it, improve it, and share it with others to help the library keep getting better.

Developers can also collaborate with the community on projects or ask questions. They are likely to receive helpful assistance from another developer.

When Not to Use ReactJS

Although with ReactJS, you can develop anything web, it's not a good idea to use ReactJS for a simple website that doesn't have a lot of dynamic form and content. It can be developed using ReactJS, but it will be over-engineering in that case. The following are some of the use cases where it is not a good idea to use React.

Static website with less dynamic content

When you are developing a static website that has relatively static content with very less dynamic content then using react will be overkill.

SEO Optimized Website

Although there are some tweaks to developing an SEO optimized React website, still many developers complain about the crawlability of React websites. Also, it will be a significant risk to put SEO efforts into the React website.

Final Thoughts

React is an excellent framework for developers to build interactive web applications. With a few tips and tricks, you can level up your web development game quite nicely.

Its popularity is attributed to the reasons mentioned above; developers familiar with JavaScript can implement this framework efficiently, bringing a better job to the world of web development. This is one of the reasons why when you hire a React developer, you benefit.

With our React JS development service at SynapseIndia, you get a skilled team who have years of experience working with React and get the above benefits in your web application without spending a huge amount of money. If you have a project in hand and you want it to be launched on time, contact us because we have the best people to work on it for you.



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