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What Are the Benefits of Angularjs for Web App Development?

calender 13 Dec 2021

“Do you know why use Angularjs for web app development? Read the blog to understand about what the benefits of Angularjs for web app development are.”

AngularJS is an open-source framework maintained by Google to address the challenges developers face while developing and testing code. Angularjs integrates HTML code and application modules forming a framework.

It is based on the Model View Controller architecture that is typically used for planning rich web applications. Since the introduction of Angular 2, the new and enhanced features of the Angular technology have assisted AngularJS Development Services with a blessing.

It can naturally sync with views and models, making AngularJS development a simple process. So, to put it plainly, the features of AngularJS are bi-directional data binding, templates, MVC structure, dependency injections, and test features.

What Are the Pros of Using Angularjs for Developing Web App?

Here, in this section, we will discuss the benefits of using Angularjs while developing web app:

#1. Simple Coding

AngularJS incorporates the utility of the declarative coding paradigm, which automatically makes your code small, lightweight, and simpler to understand. The code comprises limited steps and logic that are very crucial in determining the output. HTML is also used in this framework, which makes the code much lighter and easier to use.

#2. High Performance             

AngularJS framework is widely used to build attractive web applications, which are not only attractive, but also high-performance. It offers custom IDE that enables development company AngularJS to develop web pages faster by tracking down your errors immediately. It offers a good user interface, since it has huge templates to develop web pages according to the choices of its clients. Also, Common Line Interface enables AngularJS developers to develop web applications and paste attachments at a faster rate, which is very efficient to save time during web application development.

This framework also comprises some unique and prominent features like data binding, filters, directives, routing, form validation, and many more, allowing developers to build web applications in less time.

#3. Better Design

The design architecture is easy and simple to use. If you have a developer who joins in mid-way during the project, they will not have a hard time understanding all the aspects. Developers can work with thousands of components without breaking a sweat. Also, identifying the code and programming becomes simple.

Companies with changing customer needs also gain an advantage. They can redesign the architecture and make the applications beneficial to their audience.

#4. Supports Single Page Apps

AngularJS is also known as a SPA framework because it supports SPA in huge ways. Thanks to this function, the whole process of development and management of online forums becomes easier and lighter for developers. SPAs load HTML elements only once and avoid reloading within page-to-page navigation.

This leads to decreased loading speed, necessary to load a website, as it loads only the required areas of the website, rather than loading the entire website. Along with this, it maintains a control over the previously loaded sections, to avoid time in loading the entire page over and over again.

#5. Offer Community Support

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google; it comprises a very large community of resource people who have high level experience in the AngularJS framework with many years of experience. This community helps you get rid of your doubts and makes sure to clear all queries efficiently. This community has experts, who are capable of solving the most complex and difficult problems associated with front-end development. The developers are always ready to help each other by solving your queries.

This community also hosts conferences to introduce new technologies and hackathon contests. Many IT organizations and industry leaders are invited to these conferences, where they are asked to present new developments and technologies.

#6. Ensures bi-directional Data Binding

Bidirectional data binding is one of the most unique advantages of AngularJS. In simpler words, it acts as a synchronization between the model and your view. Let's understand this technically, in one-way data binding, any changes made to the template (view) were not reflected in the TypeScript code of the component, which was its biggest disadvantage, to solve this problem, AngularJS guarantees binding two-way data. Bi-directional binding makes it easy for developers to update changes and reflect them on both components. Precisely, whenever you make any change to the Model, it will be automatically reflected in the View. Similarly, when you make changes to the View, it will be reflected in the Model.

This feature acts as a boon for developers, as it saves a lot of time, effort, and simplifies the entire development process, and changes are reflected in the application interface. This is the main reason why AngularJS leads, among all frameworks, and is very demanding in the technical world, of front-end development.

To know more about our work, checkout our Angular Developer Portfolio


Final Thoughts

At SynapseIndia , we are a leading provider of AngularJS development services for companies around the world. Our developers are well versed in Angular JS and have over years of experience in delivering full front-end applications They are exposed to a variety of projects including beautifully animated mobile apps, single page web apps, business apps, Progressive web apps that work offline, eCommerce apps, and more. To find out how you can take advantage of their experience, contact us now .


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