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Backend Tech Stacks: Node JS Vs Java

calender 26 Nov 2022

“NodeJS and Java are two powerful backend technologies. Both these technologies are helpful in developing mobile and web applications. It should be wise to say that both these backend technologies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.”

Backend Tech Stacks: NodeJS vs Java | SynapseIndia

The prevalence of backend technology is beyond seamless operations in this era. The keyword of the present day is-quick, better, and healthy. Subsequently, the backend innovations empower adaptability, flexibility, and manageability of mobile applications.

Without a doubt, NodeJS and Java remain the top decisions of backend engineers. While there are heated contentions and discussions worldwide in regard to the correlation among NodeJS and Java, it should be wise to say that both these backend technologies have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. NodeJS vs Java future relies on effective usage of both the technologies.

If you are building a complicated web application or a mobile application and are confused about the examination among Java and NodeJS, weve got you covered. Lets discuss in detail the pros and cons of NodeJS and Java. This article will give you clear and actionable insights into the powerful backend technologies.

What is NodeJS?

NodeJS is a strong server-side runtime environment for the improvement of open-source codes. It is considered a versatile and high-performance framework for synchronizing projects and web load for single-threaded processes.

The NodeJS framework can support the backend capacity of a web or a mobile application. Backend NodeJS developer utilized it for the advancement of single-page applications, backend API services, and sites.

Top Use Cases of NodeJS

As of late, designers are continually looking beyond the normal to improve NodeJS execution. Thus, developers are making an application in Node.js with particular elements and functionalities. If you are pondering where to utilize NodeJS, below we have discussed its use cases

  • Use of NodeJS for scripting and fostering automation
  • Application of Node.js for the development of backends and servers
  • Scalable solution using Node.js for microservices
  • IoT-based applications can be developed using Node.js for mobile apps
  • Node.js for web applications
  • Complicated single-page apps can be developed using Node.js
  • Node.js for the development of streaming web applications

Pros & Cons of NodeJS

Since you are looking at a clear picture for NodeJS vs Java for the backend, you ought to know the upsides and downsides of every one of these technologies. This will assist you with figuring out the best backend technology for web application development projects.

Pros of NodeJS

Concurrent Request Management

NodeJS is offbeat event-driven IO, which infers that it empowers consistent and simultaneous request handling abilities.

Reuse of Code

Designers can reuse a solitary code for both-the client as well as the server-end.

Robust Technology Stack

Node.js can offer improved proficiency as well as overall productivity.

Fast Processing

Since Node.js is an event-based model and can deal with simultaneous solicitations, it processes the data faster.

Ecosystems is Rich

The rich ecosystem for Node.js applications comprises around 836,000 libraries and almost 10,000 libraries are delivered every week. The accessibility of free devices makes NodeJS a well-known language.

Scalable Backend Technology

Node.js is a lightweight innovation. The architecture application of NodeJS for the improvement of a solitary application in the form of a suite of small services lay the foundation for the versatility of the application.

JSON Support

While backend innovations, for example, Ruby On Rails and PHP use JSON design, NodeJS need not convert between the binary models.

Cons of NodeJS

Performance Bottleneck

At the point when Node.js is expected to execute a CPU-bound task, the heavy request goes to the event loop and slows down different solicitations, which results in an overall delay.

Tough to Maintain Code

Node.js is asynchronous in nature, owing to its settled callbacks. Consequently, NodeJS finds it extreme to comprehend and maintain the code.

Lack of Quality

A portion of the Node.js tools don't compare to the elevated requirements of coding. These are mistakenly organized, owing to its open-source ecosystem.

Extensive Computing Leads to Failure

NodeJS is less effective with regards to taking care of heavy calculations. It doesn't uphold complex applications and multi-threaded level of programming.

What is Java?

Java is a class-based, significant level, and object-oriented programming language. It works on different platforms Raspberry Pi, Linux, Mac, Windows, and so forth. Engineers think that it is quick, secure, and strong.

Other than this, the language has wide local area support. Java is not difficult to learn and known for its effortlessness. The Java codes can be reused, which decreases the development costs.

The biological system of Java incorporates Java Development Kit, Java Runtime Environment, and Java Virtual Machine. The robustness, cross-stage abilities, usability, and security are probably the best features of Java.

There are various well-known applications in Java. As of now, around 96,037 sites with 51,346 domains use Java. According to the Stack Overflow Annual Survey report 2020, Java has been securing a position in the highest involved programming languages for a very long time.

Top Use Cases of Java

Top Use Cases of Java - Infographics | SynapseIndia

  • Java for game development
  • You can build a web app in Java.
  • Java can be used for Android app development.
  • Hire dedicated Java developers for business applications
  • The use of Java language is prevalent for banking as well as FinTech apps
  • Widespread use of Java is for test automation
  • Java is used for the development of Desktop GUI and test automation
  • Embedded systems can be built using Java besides application and web servers

Pros & Cons of Java

Java is one of the most effective coding languages in recent times. However, Java comes with its own set of pros and cons. In this section, we will demystify the advantages and disadvantages of Java:

Pros of Java


Java shows no unequivocal pointer, making it a solid programming language among the other backend technologies.

Memory Allocation

In Java, there are two pieces of memory division-stack and load. At the point when a Java developer proclaims any factor, it is either put away in the pile or stack memory, in this way making it simple to store and recover data.


Inferable from its multithreaded nature, Java can offer multitasking capacities at the same time.

Platform-independent Technology

Java is a platform-independent backend technology, as it requires no exceptional framework or programming. It's only requirement is JVM on the device.

Cons of Java

Slow Performance

Java consumes a lot of memory and is somewhat slower than C and C++.

Verbose & Complex Code

Contrasted with different languages, Java has an excessive number of verbose, making it less searchable and less readable.

Paid License

In an update, Oracle reported it would charge the Java Standard Edition 8 from 2019. For the new updates and bugs, clients should pay by either the number of clients or per processor.

How to Choose the Right Technology?

As we have seen, NodeJS and Java both have particular elements. Various winning applications have been created utilizing Java, while there are giant applications created utilizing NodeJS.

Without a doubt, NodeJS and Java can be utilized for various purposes.

The following are a few focuses that can assist you with coming to the right conclusion about NodeJS versus Java

You can hire NodeJS developers in the following cases:

  • If you want to develop a web application for streaming content.
  • If you decide to develop a high-performing single-page app.
  • If you have to create a web application with efficient data processing abilities.
  • If you want to build a real-time and multi-user web application.

You can hire Java developers in the following cases:

  • If you wish to develop an enterprise application.
  • If you want to build a scalable application.
  • If you have to create an eCommerce application.
  • If you are looking to develop a Big Data application.



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