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How Mobility is Revolutionizing Transportation and Logistics Industry

calender 15 Nov 2021

“Read the blog to understand how mobility is changing transportation and logistics industry in 2022.”

Transportation and logistics companies operate in a decidedly complex market with numerous dynamic variables, including high investment, fluctuations in oil prices, multimodal freight policies, large volumes of data, and human attributes.

The advent of mobility solutions has created a valuable impact on the industry to a great extent. Let's learn in this blog how mobility solutions are revolutionizing all the dynamics of the logistics and transportation industry.

Challenges in the transportation and Logistics System

The market reach of fleet management solutions, specifically with transportation & logistics, is based on complex market trends. As competitors are constantly launching calls for traditional business strategies, user expectations also create a crisis. There are many challenges that can affect systems:

·        Increased demand for control or visibility of incoming or outgoing cargo.

·        Complications faced during the manual process.

·        Legacy systems that provide a lot of hassle and poor customer support.

·        Lack of access to critical data required for logistics and personnel or any field authority to track cargo and merchandise movements.

·        Inadequate analytics to measure overall performance which generally leads to chaos.

In order not to be affected by all these cases, the best thing for companies is to adapt better solutions by providing first-rate customer services, facilitating transactions, improvising operations, etc. Therefore, the
enterprise mobility solution has a lot to offer companies facing such a crisis, as it offers better market consolidation options with global reach.

Opportunities to Reap the Benefits of Mobility Solutions

By leveraging mobility solutions, transportation & logistics companies reap the advantages of operational efficiency, initially reduced operational costs. Cloud-based mobile applications provide a bird's-eye view of the fleet and increase operational efficiency. These applications are delivered across devices and platforms, allowing stakeholders, field personnel, and analysts to easily access and use them for monitoring at any time. A fleet connected in a mobile application allows the monitoring of operating systems, preventive maintenance, hours of use of the equipment, the use of resources, etc.

GPS tracking systems monitor the movement of vehicles, shipments, and cargo in real time to detect breakdowns, accidents, or delays. Automation replaces many laborious manual processes that permit legacy companies to upgrade to digital methodologies. Standardization of processes and workflows through mobile applications ensures a paperless workflow with digital dashboards that help make decisions faster. Automating customer service communication and sales reduces downtime / resources on predictive tasks and reduces the scope for human errors and delays.

The most important feature of a mobile application is that it facilitates the collection and synthesis of data. Companies extract data to better understand customer preferences, and performance enables critical decision making.

Leveraging Mobility Solutions from Logistics Companies

In recent years, logistics has seen significant growth due to advances in technology, and organizations are tempted to take full advantage of next-generation innovations and continuous evolutions. The increased demand for mobility has created the need to focus on challenges such as investment and fickle gas prices. The logistics business has created a mobile transportation system that can meet the impending requirements of the economy and society. The main objective of mobility solutions in the logistics industry is to improve the efficiency and safety of transport, along with better environmental sustainability.

Geo-fences: a geo-fence configured in an application requests or triggers a pre-programmed alert when a mobile device enters or leaves a virtual boundary set around a geographic location. They are particularly useful for monitoring the fleet to reduce costs and trigger warnings to drivers entering unfamiliar territory or deviating from their route.

Documentation: Cargo documentation is fully digitized, reducing manual work and errors. In case of accidents, facilitate the documentation of claims and procedures. The digital driver's license or the digital copy of the driver's license, stored on a smartphone, can be used to authenticate the documentation.

Control and Safety: the applications monitor the driving pattern and, in turn, provide the driver's safety index. It is an excellent tool for performance analysis and for incorporating performance-related incentive systems. It also helps to continuously track vehicles with location and real-time photos and videos which in turn help claim insurance. The systems can also constantly monitor driver conditions and alert us in the event of violation of traffic rules, such as using the phone while driving, driving hastily, speeding, and stopping in unauthorized places.

Customer Services: Mobile apps improve the quality of customer service by providing a friendly user interface, end-to-end shipment tracking, handling customer complaints, acting as proof of delivery, alerts, and notifications.

Final Words

SynapseIndia's team of experts is well equipped to develop applications and tools, whether for your existing systems or for new business needs. We develop solutions that have the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Our secure, reliable, and scalable solutions enable you to achieve operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs. Get in touch with our team to proceed further.



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