SynapseIndia Celebrated Glorifying 20th Foundation Day

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SynapseIndia Celebrated Glorifying 20th Foundation Day

SynapseIndia celebrated the auspicious occasion of 20th Foundation Day. The event witnessed another milestone of success for the organization that has completed more than two decades in the industry.

By Nilesh

SynapseIndia 20th Foundation Day

SynapseIndia, a software development company has recently made a remarkable turnout of completing 20 years in the industry. The company celebrated the fun-filled occasion of SynapseIndia 20th Foundation Day with great enthusiasm and spirit. This organization offers premium IT Outsourcing services to clients in various quarters of the world and successfully delivers projects on time.

The 20th Foundation Day of the company features all the talented professionals of the company joined together to celebrate the memorable day. The founder of the company, Mr. Shamit Khemka, congratulated and thanked every single member of the organization for putting in an extra set of hard work and dedication, helping SynapseIndia achieving such an amazing milestone of completing more than two decades.

Founded way back in 2000 as a small IT firm with a bright vision to create a name for itself in the field of IT Outsourcing services. Mr. Khemka made all the possible efforts for creating such a supreme image of the company, which has now become a known global entity. The result-oriented organization works on the principle of delivering the highest level of quality service along with 100% client satisfaction, and delivery of projects before deadlines. 

Till now, SynapseIndia has delivered more than 10,000 successful projects to clients by taking a quality approach, advanced development methods, and periodic communication in mind.

The celebration of Foundation Day takes place every single year. Employees are taken on a luxury trip to an excellent location away from the hustle of city life. Comfortable ride, soothing stay at state-of-the-art 5-star hotels, outdoor fun, exquisite cuisine, entertainment, and appreciation are some of the perks of the event.

Awards and recognition ceremony is one of the highlights of every single year of Foundation Day event. The stage is set for Mr. Khemka to accolade the hard work and dedication of the top performers of the company. Additionally, Mr. Shamit Khemka himself addresses to all, sharing valuable feedback for the team, discussing the future goals and next big changes within the organization.

The organization will continue to reign supreme as a top-rated software development company and look forward to the next big challenges and achievements. SynapseIndia is all set to complete another 20 years of success by following quality standards and full support of all the talented professionals within the organization. The journey continues...


SynapseIndia 20th annual day

SynapseIndia 20th foundation day celebration

20 years of excellence

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