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SynapseIndia deploys robust development methods to build unmatched products

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SynapseIndia deploys robust development methods to build unmatched products

The developers follow coding guidelines set by the SDLC method & adhere to international quality standards.

By Nilesh

The software development life cycle used and curated by SynapseIndia has been appraised by many. A number of peer companies, software development experts, and analysts have unanimously said that our development process has the potential to deliver the most efficient software solutions.

SynapseIndia Development Porcess

The development stage in the SDLC marks the beginning of actual programming. This process involves the generation of the programming code according to a predefined design framework. The preceding design stage sets the road map – the development framework – for the developers. The efficiency of the design stage ensures that development is carried out without any hassle.
Our developers follow the coding guidelines set by the SDLC method and work in accordance with the international quality standards. The programmers use a number of latest coding languages, such as C#, JavaScript, and PHP to build highly efficient software solutions. They also use a number of tools to ensure that attention is given to every single detail of the development process. The programming language is specially selected according to the specific requirements of the development project.
Developers and quality analysts at SynapseIndia strictly adhere to various international quality standards to ensure that clients get desired products. We have long been an ISO certified software company and adhere to all the best practices recommended by the standard-setting body. Besides, we also follow CMMI Level 3 standards to further ensure efficiency of development processes. 


SynapseIndia Development Process

Author: Nilesh

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