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Why Regular Laravel Maintenance is Essential for Your Web Application

calender 28 Jul 2023

“Improve user experience, minimize downtime, and safeguard your online presence with proactive maintenance and support customized to keep your Laravel-powered website running smoothly and efficiently, empowering your business to thrive and succeed.”

Why regular Laravel Maintenance is essential for your web application

In the contemporary digital landscape, the prominence of digital content has escalated significantly owing to the heightened relevance of the internet and its associated services. Regular website maintenance is crucial to ensuring that web pages load fast, as the longer your website takes to load, the greater the chances are that you will lose a substantial chunk of your customers.

According to data presented by Akamai, a leading content delivery network and cloud service provider, 52% of users hold the expectation that webpages should load within two seconds or less to sustain user engagement and retention. Besides, 26% of dissatisfied users choose not to revisit the concerned website. This, in turn, affects the growth and expansion of your business. Here arises the need for an excellent framework with optimal efficiency.

Given its outstanding attributes and excellent development tools, Laravel holds the top spot among frameworks. Besides, Regular Laravel maintenance is not only crucial but essential for ensuring the optimal efficiency and longevity of your web and mobile applications. Either you are a professional developer or a business owner, continuous upkeep of your web-based applications is a must.

Additionally, with each passing day, cyberattacks are increasing like anything else. Intruders are always in pursuit of vulnerabilities to steal confidential business information and inflict great damage on the business. As a result, fixing security patches and maintaining your website are of utmost importance to mitigate any potential harm to your business.

When does the need for Laravel maintenance arise?

To keep your clients satisfied with your web services, it is vital to offer the best user experience, safeguard their personal data, reduce website loading time, and ensure an easy-to-use user interface for a pleasant browsing experience. All this can be done with Laravel maintenance services for your mobile and web applications. When the customers find the website appealing, easy to use, and get the desired values there, they are likely to buy from your platform.

Otherwise, they will end up switching to some alternate tool or solution for their buying needs. Here is a list of the benefits of performing maintenance and support services:

  • Technical updates
  • Fresh content
  • Improved user experience
  • Extended search ranking
  • Time and cost savings

Laravel performance optimisation tips

Laravel Performance optimisation tips-Infographic

  • Consider expeditious loading.
  • Reducing the use of plug-ins
  • Eliminating unwanted packages
  • Eliminating unwanted packages
  • Using a limited number of libraries
  • Compressing image size
  • Using deployment instruments for commands

How to check Laravel website performance and ways to maintain it

When any business decides to check the performance of their business applications. They must ensure improved user experience, SEO ranking, and website speed. There are many testing tools like Webpage Test, GT Metrix, and Google Page Speed Insights available on the market to check page load speed, UI/UX, and bounce rate.

Maintaining a website involves various steps like source code auditing, third-party integration, appending security patches, implementing new functionalities, migrating the website to a new server, and examining website performance. All these factors have a significant impact on the conversion rate.

Source code auditing

One of the best ways to recognise and fix errors and bugs is through source code auditing. With the help of a proficient developer, you can troubleshoot bugs of all kinds and take care of the source code lines that seem vulnerable.

Updating security patches

Regular upgradation of security patches is a key to safeguarding your mobile application and website from any potential cyberattack and protecting crucial business information from theft

Implementing new features

To implement new features and functionalities into your business application, regular maintenance and upgrades of services are essential. The web application is thoroughly assessed from all points of view, and then changes are proposed for the website

Evaluating website performance

Website performance is directly related to conversion rates. Various market statistics suggest that the faster the page speed, the greater the conversion rate. So, if your website loads slowly and has poor page performance, you’re highly likely to lose potential customers. Hence, concentrating on optimising your website for speed and performance will help your business reach its goals in the given time frame.

Choosing a developer wisely

When your web and mobile applications get into maintenance mode, selecting the developer according to your business needs is crucial. Once you've made your choice, be clear about your specific requirements. You may also ask them about their previous work and the clients they have already served. To meet all your Laravel service needs, from planning to implementation, open and clear communication with the developer is vital.

SynapseIndia has a highly skilled team of Laravel experts with diverse experience in designing Laravel applications, managing versions, fixing bugs, and upgrading security patches. Additionally, migrating web and mobile applications to and from Laravel, liberating broken and non-performing web applications, and developing custom Laravel applications for mobile and the web.

Final words

Web and mobile applications are never truly completed. User response, industry trends, and developing business requirements demand ongoing updates and improvements. By performing regular Laravel maintenance, business entities can implement new features, improve existing functionalities, and continually refine the user experience, keeping your application ahead of the competition.

Overlooking regular Laravel maintenance exposes your web application to various risks, from security breaches to performance degradation. A proactive maintenance approach demonstrates your commitment to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for your audience. Remember, a well-maintained Laravel application not only instils confidence in your users but also lays the foundation for sustained growth and success in the dynamic digital landscape.

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