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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The client approached SynapseIndia with a requirement of adding AJAX style display in his existing site to save timeout. He also told us to create the auto save functionality for the pages like case study, coaching and reference forms.

Our Endeavor:

Naked Leader Coaching is a site of David Taylor author of the Naked Leader trilogy. International motivational speaker and coach to CEOs and executives of FTSE 500 companies. The client coaches enterprise owners. The website is having an admin panel from where the admin can assign coaches and they can manage their own profiles.

The website was lagging behind on something and to figure that out, we have done a top to bottom analysis of the site. On the frontend part, we have suggested for developing some additional pages to help the content flow of the site a lot more professional. Page load time has been reduced and smooth navigation has been ensured.

In addition to all that we have done some functionality changes in the website and here we are listing few of them:
  • When a coach log-in using his credentials, the system allows him to stay logged in for certain period of time. After that specified time period the coach gets logged out of the system automatically. However, the system prompts him/her about the action a minute before with a message. We have created the AJAX timeout functionality helping users get a notification before they get logged out.
  • Another amazing functionality that we have added is the “auto save” option. This functionality facilitates the users by sparing them to click on the submit button; the details entered in the fields get auto saved.  
  • The case study section has been modified. On the backend part, now a user can enjoy an option to save, delete or edit a case study. They can even save a case study in drafts for publishing it later.