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Client Testimonial

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Client Brief:

Client wanted us to develop a Flash lite application for mobile phones. This application was to be used for a survey study.

Our Endeavor:

We developed an application by the name of "Mobile Check-in" that aids in surveying the behavior of Opioid addicted persons Following are the features of the application that we developed:
1) Login screen: seeking you a password to be entered.
2) Two types of questions that a user is expected to answer.
a) Multiple choice question with check box.
b) Single answer question with answers to be entered clicking a radio button.
3) There is Free-to-Drag "custom scrollbar" that a user can drag with any of the scroll buttons or a stylus.
4) User can navigate between questions by the use of UI scrollbar or mobile up/down keys.
5) User can navigate between previous/next screens by the left/right UI arrow or left/right. arrow key on the mobile phone 6) There is a summary screen and a congratulation screen leading to the successful completion of answering the questions



  •  Flash Application for Survey Study 'Mobile App Slide'

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