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Future Buy Sell - An iPhone and Android App for Searching Ads

Client Brief

The client wanted us to develop an application for iPhone which can act as an ad creation and display system that comes with beautiful animations.

Our Endeavor

“Future Buy Sell” – the iPhone app  that we have developed provides a platform for different types of users ("Personal", "Business" and "Trial") to search various ads based on geo location, categories and keywords. Users can view the ads and share the details of the ads to their friends through social networks. Ads can be shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter. There is also a referral system in application in which existing user can refer friends to use the application and in turn they get commission. Some of the exclusive features of the app are discussed below:

  • When the app launches for the first time, it will show a search bar where users can enter text and search the ads for the same after successfully login. User can sort the search results based on the listed categories.
  • Once users select an event from the search result list, it will show all the ads of that category. To narrow down the search results, users can sort for the local events. The details of the event will be displayed with the images, price, address and images in animation mode.
  • The application is also capable of showing all the upcoming ads in the current location or of a particular location. Users can browse all the ads based on categories and they also enjoy the option to mark ads into the favorites.
  • Application displays the plan to register for $5; however the app also comes in trial version which can later be upgrade to the following options:

    • $5 personal user (LIFE-TIME), It is a onetime payment.
    • Upgrade to business user (trial).
    • Upgrade to business user (membership as $500) (LIFE-TIME) along with option to upgrade for business user with trial and membership option. These options will be available in buy screen depending on the user
    • subscription type. The payment is for one time per iTunes account.
  • Once a user would select any of the scheme, followed by user info add/edit. Each user info would have option to fill a required column that application is referred by where user would enter the email address or user id of the referred person so that system would calculate the commission on the basis of that entered email address or user id.
  • The application would display the search screen with favorite list of the ads in the user account.
  • The application will check if his favorite list is empty, and then show Randomized Business Name ads within 50KM (say). If it's not empty, then show favorite ads list.
  • This would be shown on a screen for certain interval say 5 seconds and interchanged with favorite ads and other company ads. If there are no ads in the user favorite’s account then it could only show the random ads.
  • When user enters the search text in the search bar, application will send the text to the server for further search processing and display the return response, which is ads display on the listing of the ads on the same screen with some controls on the each cell of the list view.
  • Application would allow user to click on the any cell and application will take user to the ads info screen with the name, image, address, and description of the ads, with the switched (ON/OFF), which is programmed control while displaying the ads. This screen will present ads image depending on the user type.
  • Application would allow user to view three images when they are business user otherwise one image per ads with option to view it in full screen like image gallery of the iPhone. It would also have option to create and delete the ads.
  • Application will have tell-a-friend functionality that would have point system attached to it. Each referral would allow user to achieve credit points that would be added to their previous point balance.
  • Commission system would completely be dependent on points achieved by referring other users and as referred user purchase one time lifetime payment and becomes a member of the system then referrer will receive an email notification also the admin about the same. Therefore referrer would be eligible to credit their points so that the total accumulated points till date with in maximum allowed limit would be transformed to real credit along with onetime commission of membership once same has been approved by the admin.
  • Commission would be credit to the user account when the credit goes up to $150 or when any referred user will purchase $500.00 subscription.
  • Application screen navigational flow would allow any user to Double Tap a business name ad and see its ads list/product list in the same search window.
  • Application will have functionality to auto suspend the account for free users who opted for business user under 6-months-Free promotion. after 6 months, if BOSS doesn¹t make a $500Buy, his Business Name ad and Business Products ads cannot be accessed from the server, and will be suspended, until he pays to make the upgrade.
  • Application will allow users to Press-hold/Press-move the screen for random ads in random ad sections and accordingly screen will stop switching again, waiting there for user's next command, let user see these Ads carefully.
  • During searching, application will not have any category or menu listing but display product name in search bar following by pull down button.
  • Pull down button would allow user add list for additional keyword search apart from keyword in search bar. User can type in more words to make another more accurate search.


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 Future Buy Sell - An iPhone and Android App for Searching Ads

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