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Client Testimonial

I am really satisfied with the team SynapseIndia work. Highly knowledgeable developers have supported me at each level of development. They designed my website proportionately with the incorporation of crystal idea, innovative technology, and detailed knowledge. Throughout the project timeline, the team is always in communication with me, update me with the development process on a regular basis. They gratify my desire and convert my dream concept into existing website.


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Client Brief:

The client approached us to develop an application for iPhone and iPad that would help merchants to redeem coupons.

Our Endeavor: is a website that offers great deals coming from an array of businesses. The website was built and designed at our end. Now the client wanted to have an app that would help the businesses to redeem the coupons that their customers would bring in.

The concept of the app is really easy: Assume you have a company "A"and you are offering some deals against your products or services. You want to distribute some coupons about those deals among your customers. So you go to another company "B" and give all your coupons to be distributed. Now company "B" distributes these coupons through some method. Now when these customers come to you with those coupons, then you redeem these coupons using the app. So the app is actually developed by company "B", which is Conejo Deals; for company "A", which can be any company having any business.

The app, which is called “Conejo Deals Merchants” has completely been designed developed at our end. On the designing front, starting from the splash screen, inner icons, and required inside pages – all had been designed by our expert smartphone app designers. The app has deliberately kept low on graphics as this was meant for merchants only.   

The integrated Zbar scanner would help the merchants to scan the deal coupons to redeem them. The scanner has especially been integrated to facilitate manual scanning. The app also helps the merchants to generate reports in PDF format that would carry the details of the coupons as well as the deals. The app also comes with a search option allowing the merchants to search for any particular deal or coupon using its reference number.   

On an outset, the application comes with the following flow:
  • Application icon and splash screen.
  • registration and log-in page.
  • Redeem certificate tab.
  • Report tab.
  • Contact us.
  • Order history.
  • Settings tab.


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  •  iPhone Mobile App for 'Conejo Deals' – Discount Coupons & Deals

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