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Cloud Business Solutions

  • Continue your business operations during COVID-19
  • Move your servers & infrastructure to cloud
  • Enable remote working for your employees
  • Enable Work from home
  • Prevent Data Loss

Be Future Ready With Cloud Solutions Development Company

Cloud services are in greater demand as more businesses adopt digital solutions, a trend that is continuing to expand. Reap the benefits of digitalization by shifting the infrastructures of your organizations to the cloud.

Our specialists can help you in choosing the right cloud, including private, public, or hybrid, as well as the right platform. This way you can create the ideal app for your company.

SynapseIndia's specialized cloud development services can help you cut expenses, boost performance, and increase efficiency. We offer you customized cloud apps created to take advantage of the cloud's potential and expedite your achievement as we comprehend the needs of your business.

By investing in cloud development services, you can make a necessary move to the cloud with the requisite flexibility and data security.

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Our Cloud Services

Cloud Migration and Integration

Cloud migration and integration is a complicated and necessary step in cloud development. You may cut back on the hassles and costs associated with IT and technology by working with our skilled cloud developers. To accomplish this, techniques for smooth integration and migration to either your public cloud or private cloud are used.

We want to give you access to a variety of cloud services that will enable you to migrate to the platform that best meets your needs as certified experts in Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. To manage the implementation of your integration and migration strategy, we would also engage with you.

So, with our cloud integration and migration solutions, you can unlock the full potential of your organization and outperform your competition.

Cloud-enabled App Development

We assist you in developing cloud-enabled apps that allow you and your team to utilize your time productively while accomplishing daily activities effortlessly and quickly. Our expertise spans the whole lifecycle of cloud application development, from initial conception to fully functional cloud solutions.

To make your future solution safe, scalable, and dependable, we skilfully blend the capabilities of your public and private clouds. We provide cloud-based application development services using Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, and Microsoft Azure as a leading provider of cloud-enabled apps.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to provide superior services. Our app development solutions also efficiently and consistently handle architecture, virtualization, and databases.

Cloud Consulting Services

At SynapseIndia, each customer's needs are taken into consideration when designing our cloud consulting services. We put a lot of effort into collaborating with our clients and are always looking for innovative methods to provide useful &highly implementable cloud solutions.

With the use of clearly defined models and the findings of our methodology, our clients may assess their results for cloud readiness, match their goals, and adopt cloud technology.

We collaborate closely with our customers to determine their readiness for cloud development and assist them in selecting the best platforms to provide great outcomes. SynpaseIndia has the tools and resources to help you, whether you're prepared to shift to the cloud or are only beginning to consider the options.

Cloud Security

It is essential to develop proper security measures that can prevent unauthorized access, account compromises, and data breaches given the increasingly sophisticated and prevalent cloud threats.

Our cloud development professionals would proactively monitor and protect your cloud software for risks to your systems, responding in real-time 24/7 to address difficulties, allowing us to effectively respond to the most recent cyber attacks.

We recognize the necessity of a strong security solution for your cloud environment. Since we offer complete protection to users who access your assets, our services can help you safeguard your valuable cloud assets.

The Perks of Choosing Cloud

Cloud-based products and services are available from anywhere and on any device. The user may instantly and without delay connect to a distributed cloud infrastructure using any device, including PC, Mac, or mobile.
Cloud systems are extremely sensitive to workload surges, allowing for resource expansion easily. To quickly meet increasing demands, organizations can scale up their performance capacity. Once the peak periods have passed, they can scale down.
Shorter Time to Market
It is not necessary to create and maintain a platform for your code while using cloud computing. The time to market for new apps and functionalities is significantly shortened by cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it is possible to more easily and regularly send software upgrades to end customers.
Instead of keeping your data and apps on-premise, it is frequently more secure to implement cloud infrastructure. Cloud service companies utilize cutting-edge technology to protect sensitive data. Additionally, they provide specific resources to address any problems with information security.

through cloud computing solutions

SynapseIndia is the best cloud computing service providers that offers a flexible approach to business organizations all across the globe to adopt remote working while having the company’s information stored on internet servers. . It helps to create a balanced work-environment during COVID-19 crisis.

The working staff of manifold organizations, find the uninterrupted working environment in their personal comfort. With cloud computing benefits, employees can increase the overall work productivity, thus helping companies to flourish during pandemic conditions created by coronavirus.

SynapseIndia, as the leading top cloud computing company, provides much-needed support to start working flexibly and fulfill business requirements.

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What is Cloud-based solution?

A Cloud solution is a virtual infrastructure to provide remote working access to software, applications, servers & data centers through the internet connection. Using the cloud support, business organizations do not require to invest a hefty amount on, in-house computing infrastructure and applications. Also, cloud storage keeps the large pile of your company's data and files within easy reach from any location.

  • It helps companies to maintain their focus on revenue generation, rather than indulging in non-core business activities.
  • The price-structure of Cloud computing elements including sites, applications, storage centers, etc are based on the 'pay-as-you-go' model, allowing companies to closely manage the budget. Thus, cloud hosting reduces the overall cost of IT structure maintenance.
  • Users have the easy accessibility of the company's application by using the widespread connected Cloud computing system on internet-enabled smartphones.
  • Small to medium size companies are now fully adopting the support of Cloud solutions mainly due to cost-effective price model.
  • Cloud backup solutions for small business keep the company's data goes safe and fully recover in all circumstances.
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Our Cloud consulting ensures

As a pioneer cloud consultant, we make every possible effort to help you continue your business operations at such a crucial juncture.

The digital technology of cloud business solutions plays a vital and crucial role in combating the situation of COVID-19. We offer a helping hand of cloud consulting services to companies continuing the operations and meeting requirements through virtual access.

Here, we deal in offering cloud solution service that helps companies carry on the working procedures despite being in self-isolated condition. Rely on the service to encourage a new way of working remotely and let the communication, engagement, and business purpose still operational.


Deploy the fully protected data mechanisms that offer protection against:

Data Loss
SynapseIndia follows data-loss-prevention (DLP) policy to recognize & safeguard the sensitive data and avert accidental leakage.
Hardware Failure
Effective business data continuity endeavors offered by cloud technologies could prove to be the rescue when suddenly your entire data sets stop working.
Software Failure
Restore the occurrence of software failure and file corruption with the aid of cloud mechanisms.
Human Mistakes / Ransomware
Cloud provides an effective business continuity strategy for eliminating the possibilities of human error, malicious link, accidental deletion & more.

Support your business by relying on our advanced technical cloud solutions and let not the venom of coronavirus creates any further impact.

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Fight COVID-19 with Cloud Solution of SynapseIndia

At this point, the whole world is battling against the rising epidemic. SynapseIndia, a top cloud computing company, provides great support to continue operations with a work-from-home culture and maintain complete safety.

  • The technology of Cloud solutions for businesses enable to get access to official information on virtual servers and data centers. With everything available on the cloud itself, it ensures flexibility to your workforce in order to carry out the work from any geographical location and time zone, with no interruption at all.
  • Cloud solution services are meant for all the small, medium, and large enterprises to shift their focus towards remote working during the rising adversity.
  • Easily monitor the impact of your business by having a round the clock access to work infrastructure and measure productivity while working remotely and with the aid of cloud industry solutions.

Being a cloud solutions provider, we are also encouraging the safety and health of your skilled resources at this unpredictable time. Thus, creating a way out to fight off the rising threat and come out strong with an operational and profitable business.Check out other technologies and offshore services .

Why Choose SynapseIndia for Cloud Services?

SynapseIndia has years of expertise in innovating in the cloud and revitalizing businesses with cloud conversions as a valued partner of major cloud providers. Investing in scalability, agility, future-proof infrastructures, and security in the cloud is something that businesses should do more than ever now.

At SynapseIndia, we have a firm grasp of how different cloud computing models like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS can help your company. Engage our specialists to evaluate your current on-premises infrastructure before moving to the cloud or to find underutilized resources that are preventing your cloud solutions from performing more effectively.

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