5 Questions to ask a Software Developer Before You Hire

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5 Questions to ask a Software Developer Before You Hire

It is an absolute necessity to evaluate the talents of a resource so that you can be assured that he can deliver the work in accordance to your requisites and expectations. Here in this article. We have discussed top 5 questions to ask a software developer before you hire them for your bespoke software development needs.

By Jitendra

Often we talk about quality of developer their dedication and technical expertise while discussing the hiring screening mandates. But, how many times do we consider taking a deep insight on the kinds of them present in the industry. According to an unique report shared by developermedia.com there are five kinds of them among which the most abundant are INTJ (introversion, intuition, thinking, judgment) with 29% developers which comprises of 3% of US developers. Also there is ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judgment) with a strong 14% base and who comprise of 13% of US developers followed by ENTJ, INFJ and INTP.

All these are discussed here as it is really wise to go over the personality trait check of them as they are the persons on whom you trust your information and sensitive company data with. Even through when most of the business-owners do not find it a very appealing stage related to hiring process this one is quite mandatory according to many top industry experts. This keeps you at a right position to better judge your process flow much ahead of the start of the process as you are aware of the basic tendency which these kind of developers might show being in real-time project scenario. Consulting with a consultant related to human resource often is helpful in this regards when it comes to enterprise level projects which has quite a hefty budget associated with them. One you are convinced about the personality part it is better to move ahead with the quality, knowledge, experience and technical part. This was you are making a solid start to your project. Hire software developer in India who comply with your business model and fit aptly with the project type.

A proper conversation starter is always necessary as that determines your journey distance in any deal be it software development or any other service. Often people gets baffled about what to ask and what not. Well there is no fixed bible for that, but obviously there are some prime things which you must ask at any situation.
1. Are you knowledgeable about version control?

Version control is basically keeping a record of all the code alteration in the project phase. This can be done through Git and you must ask them to buy a Github account to keep a record of all those and put every information in the repository. This not just keeps all the records, but also shows his seriousness.

2. How do you track bugs?

One genuine developer does keep a database of bugs found and keeps on fixing everyone the moment they find them. This habit keeps the process clean and does not lengthen the QA phase.

3. Is user testing done?

Developers are great with software and so often end up creating really complex versions and hence a user testing is must. This adds value to the usability part.

4. How do you plan your schedule?

Keeping a track record is always must or else the project progress might hit a real low and hence this one is most important. Ask them to keep a day-to-day schedule which must be followed at any cost.

5. How do you communicate?

No matter how great your developer is if his communication is poor everything falls apart. Make sure that there is an assigned project manager and all the modes of communication present for discussion about the whereabouts of the project at your call.

All these questions will put you in good stead with any project in hand. 


5 Questions to ask Software Developer

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Author: Jitendra

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