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Why Flutter is Becoming the Future of App Development

calender 15 Dec 2021

“As we all know that mobile app becomes an integral part of our daily life. Today, in this blog we will discuss why flutter app development is becoming the future of app development.”

 When it comes to developing a mobile app, JavaScript and its frameworks are the titans in the mobile application development industry. But with the introduction of Flutter, an open-source cross-platform framework, it quickly became a 39% choice of developers and secured its position as the second most lovable framework for mobile app development.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an advanced user interface software development kit (SDK) released and supported by Google. This technology is widely used to create applications for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the Web. Flutter is a suite of user interface tools from Google, widely used to create native applications with a beautiful user interface. Second, with Flutter, you can develop applications for multiple operating platforms using a single code base.

As a free-to-use and open-source SDK, it is being used by developers around the world to develop robust, scalable, and high-performance mobile applications by taking advantage of its features and widgets. Plus, here's the simple breakdown of why Flutter is the new tone in the mobile app development industry and why it's a perfect choice for your next project:

Reasons Why Flutter is Becoming the Future of App Development

Front-end and Back-end With One Code


Unlike native app encodings, where you have to keep separate files for the front-end and the back-end, Flutter uses a single language, Dart, which takes care of both the front-end and the back-end by using the React Native framework. Dart is a beautifully crafted language that has the best features of other languages, making it a perfect choice for developers.

Hot-Reload Scrubbing Applications

Hot reloading is the fundamental feature of Flutter. Changes you make to the source code are immediately reflected in the running application without recompiling the source code or restarting. This significantly improves development time for developers.

Faster App Development

As we mentioned earlier, the main advantage of Flutter is the unique code base and hot reload feature that allows developers to build a working application in no time.

Entrepreneurs trying to create a minimum viable product for their business idea can use Flutter technology to create a working prototype to go to market or showcase to their investors.

Faster Time to Market

In this hyper-competitive business landscape, the faster you can get your product to market, the more likely it is to be successful. A faster time to market can help you reach your target customers before your competitors, get feedback quickly, and update your product based on requirements.

Since developing and testing the Flutter application requires less time and resources, you can bring your application to market in less time. As a result, you can develop a significant advantage over your competitors, earn more sales, and increase profits for your business.

Easily Available Add-ons

To develop great cross-platform applications, Flutter offers a wide variety of free-to-use plugins and widgets that speeds up the application development process. In addition, it provides you with a suite of advanced user interface tools, which makes the development process much more comfortable and seamless and eliminates the need to combine other components.

Best for MVP

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is the product that requires minimal functionality and features to understand the needs of the target audience while also gaining sufficient validation for further iteration of the product. The MVP prototype expresses the core of the business idea and is designed to carry out the main business objective.

MVP is preferred when you want your business to go to market faster or to show your investors your working prototype. Flutter is perfect to use when creating a minimal viable product for your business as it speeds up the development process and adds an attractive user interface design.

Firebase Integration

An underrated advantage of using Flutter that many companies and developers tend to ignore is the integration with Firebase. It is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform from Google for creating web and mobile applications. Developers can take advantage of Firebase services such as databases, analytics, crash reporting, and messaging. And since Firebase integrates easily with Flutter, developers using Flutter can take advantage of it too.

Requires Minimal Coding

As discussed, Flutter allows you to use a single code base to develop cross-platform applications. Therefore, it significantly reduces the time and effort you need to invest in application development. In addition, it uses a Dart programming language, which focuses on ease of use and usability. It has a C-like syntax, and you can compile it into JavaScript code using a JIT compiler.

Concluding Thoughts

There are several reasons why experts believe that Flutter will be the undisputed king of mobile apps in the near future. The business benefits of Flutter are substantial. Businesses can get their products to market quickly, reduce costs, and target multiple platforms and therefore more customers at once.

From a developer’s point of view, Flutter is easier to use and enables faster application development. The growing community makes sure any bugs are addressed quickly. So, what is your favorite reason to use Flutter? Or, if you are still searching to develop cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter, the experts at SynapseIndia can help. Do not hesitate to contact us, our experts will help you to the best of their knowledge.

Contact us today to get best flutter app development services!


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