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SynapseIndia continues to inspire its employees with motivational events

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SynapseIndia continues to inspire its employees with motivational events

The motivational event aimed at helping the employees to achieve success in their professional life.

By Nilesh

SynapseIndia regularly holds various types of events for its employees to inspire and motivate them.


Recently, the IT outsourcing company organized a motivational event to uplift their morale. The CEO of the company, Kapil Gupta, hosted this event. The entire management team, employees and the founder of the organization, Shamit Khemka, attended it. The primary goal of the event was to drive enthusiasm among the employees through an effective session filled with a powerful speech. The key highlights of the event included the company's journey since 2000 along with ways to improve individual and overall growth.

The spirited session was started with the moving speech of Kapil Gupta. He opened his speech with the company's vision and how SynapseIndia tackled all the obstacles/challenges. He said, “I and Shamit started this organization with a handful of people. It was tough back in those days as the IT industry has just started blooming in India. But it was our strong will that kept us moving ahead and today it makes me immensely proud to be a part of this venture.” His speech also brought back all the memories of good times from the past.

Moving ahead, the CEO of the company applauded all the senior employees whose contribution has been remarkable. He further talked about the work culture and urged everyone to share their views on how can it be made more growth-oriented. This sparked a healthy conversation and individuals from various department gave ideas that took the discussion to a whole new level. Using the two-way conversation method, the employees actively engaged with the host. The attendees also expressed their happiness and shared multiple positive aspects of the energetic work culture exercised by the organization. From the healthy management style to the disciplined work environment, many topics were discussed during the discussion.

Kapil Gupta further presented a new framework to make the company's work culture more powerful. He then asked the audience to suggest ideas or ways in setting a time-bound aim for SynapseIndia and how can we achieve them as a team. To motivate everyone, an activity was carried out in which he asked all the employees to write their personal and professional goals. This shifted the talking point of the session towards the effective ways of achieving these goals. He talked about various things an individual should do to stay focused. According to him, planning and setting of goals always help everyone to grow more on a professional & personal front.

As the event advanced towards its end, it became more pleasing as the host shared some of the old photographs from the early days of SynapseIndia's journey. Through pictures of various employees, he showed a few joyful moments captured in the past. Overall, it was a fun time for the employees, everyone enjoyed the whole event & showed active participation.

The employees learned many valuable lessons from the event that will prove to be a key factor in their personal and professional growth. All the insights gained on various topics, corporate environment, teamwork, & career growth, will help them achieve their desired goals. The event proved how committed we are to mentoring our employees for delivering quality IT services.

With a motivated team, SynapseIndia continues to help its global clients in growing their businesses. Following our motto, I.T. Outsourcing @ Peace of Mind, we strive to provide efficient solutions to startups, SMEs & large enterprises.


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Author: Nilesh

Nilesh is an industry-expert technical content writer carrying a wide experience of writing blog posts and marketing content. He writes as per his great technical/IT knowledge acquired through the years to provide informative content. Also, the author has a real expertise in writing detailed and specific content for technologies.