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Medical and Healthcare
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Healthcare software solutions

Medical and Healthcare industry is highly impacted by latest innovations and technology advancement. SynapseIndia believes in long-term software partnerships with clients. We help them plan, design, build & execute enterprise-level healthcare software solutions and provide feature-rich healthcare software development services. Our best-in-class healthcare software development services enable esteemed clients to quickly address their most crucial healthcare software solutions in a cost-effective manner.

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Key Healthcare IT Services

SynapseIndia Healthcare App Development

Healthcare Application Development

We take care of your project from initial planning to final execution.

Services Include:

SynapseIndia Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Our healthcare software solutions are crafted after thorough research & analysis

Services Include:

SynapseIndia Healthcare Portal Development

Patient Portal Development

We create an intuitive user interface and integrate multiple features

Services Include:

SynapseIndia Healthcare Data Analysis

Specific Data Analysis

We help healthcare service providers to better understand activities in their organizations

Services Include:

SynapseIndia Healthcare Industry Solutions

Industry Standard Solutions

We provide only latest and power packed healthcare technology requirements

Services Include:

SynapseIndia Healthcare Software Testing

Software Testing

We believe in providing end-to-end product verification for health-care applications.

Services Include:

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Healthcare Software Development Stages

  • SynapseIndia Healthcare Software Requirement Analysis

    Requirement Analysis

  • SynapseIndia Healthcare Software Development


  • SynapseIndia Healthcare Software Compliance


  • SynapseIndia Healthcare Software Testing and Deployment

    Testing & Deployment


Automotive Software Services
What software is used in healthcare?

There are 10 types of software used in healthcare including:

  • Medical research software
  • Medical database software
  • Electronic health record software
  • Medical diagnosis software
  • Telemedicine software
  • E-prescribing software
  • Health tracking software
  • Appointment scheduling software
  • Hospital management software
  • Personal health record software
What’s the future of software development in healthcare?

Custom healthcare software solutions enable many physician and healthcare organizations to offer patient-centered services, reduce costs, & operate more efficiently. By improving accessibility, productivity, portability, and internal and partner scalability, healthcare software development can bring great value to the industry.

As software development continues to impact the healthcare industry, witnessing the positive changes it brings and how transformation will continue to shape industry work processes will generate fascinating analysis among technology developers and buyers.

What are the main benefits of using healthcare applications?

The users of healthcare apps are the one who receive the most benefits including:

  • Healthcare apps helps the patients located remote areas
  • Reduces the risk of inappropriate diagnosis
  • Patients monitor their health status personally
  • Easy payment of Bills
  • Reduction in medical bill and payments /li>
  • Scheduling an appointment with doctor quickly
  • Viewing the medical test reports from labs online
  • Purchase medicines online

Medical and Healthcare Portfolio



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