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Microsoft ChatBot Solutions

Custom Chatbot Design and Development

Custom Chatbot Design and Development

Take your business and customer interaction to a new level with custom chatbots designed and developed by our experts.Being a top chatbot development company, we help you save money on customer services cost and resources.

Facebook Bot Development

Facebook ChatBot Development

Deliver a highly interactive user experience to millions of customers with a Facebook bot developed by us. We seamlessly integrate a Microsoft Bot application with Facebook Messenger app.

Slack Bot Development

Slack ChatBot Development

We are dedicated to develop enterprise-grade messaging chatbot applications for Slack. Let your team securely access and communicate with our intelligent chatbot development services.

Skype Bot Development

Skype ChatBot Development

Our team has great experience of developing and deploying advanced bots on Skype. Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business processes with our prowess.

Telegram Bot Development

Telegram ChatBot Development

We have impeccable command over building AI-based chat assistants for Telegram. Create great customer experiences on Telegram with a bot developed by Microsoft certified developers.

Bot Maintenance & Support

ChatBot Maintenance & Support

Since trends and technologies evolve faster, your bot needs to be maintained and monitored by an expert. We ensure that the bot continues to deliver amazing performance around the clock.

Microsoft ChatBot Development

Being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we are geared to utilize the maximum advantage of Microsoft Framework in providing complete chatbot development services. With our super intelligent bots, we have transformed various industries like healthcare, retail, real estate, education, manufacturing, travel, banking, insurance, etc. We follow a result-oriented Chatbot development process in order to ensure timely project delivery. Whether you wish to avail a Microsoft Bot website solution or a bot for any social media channel, you can rely on our experts for any requirement.

What is Microsoft ChatBot?

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language, Microsoft Bot is a comprehensive software used for creating, testing and deploying bots. This framework is being widely leveraged by developers to build a variety of bots for websites, social media channels, Office 365, etc. Let's have a look at the top features of Microsoft Bot Framework:

  • Multilingual bot development
  • Compatible with multiple channels
  • Open-source and extensible
  • Enterprise-grade conversational experience


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What is the Microsoft Chatbot framework?

The Microsoft Chatbot Framework includes a modular and extensible SDK for building bots, as well as related AI tools, templates, and services. With this framework, developers can create bots that use speech, understand natural language, handle questions and answers, and more.

How does the Microsoft Chatbot framework work?

It hosts bots and make them available to channels like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Facebook. The Chatbot Framework Service, which is a component of Azure Bot Service, sends information between the user's bot-connected app and the bot. Each channel can include additional information in the activities it sends.

How do I choose a Chatbot development company?

Following are the factors to consider while choosing a Chatbot development company:
1. Level of customer support
2. Industry experience
3. Background
4. Portfolio
5. Reviews and awards
6. Communication proficiency

What are the benefits of Chatbot development services at SynapseIndia?

Being a Microsoft gold certified partner, we provide world-class Chatbot development services. Our services can help to develop best Chatbot solutions which helps meet customer expectations, achieve scalability of support, improve lead generation etc. So, contact us to hire our Chatbot developers to get the benefits for your business.

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