5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps that are Free TODAY!

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5 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps that are Free TODAY!

As we all know, iPhone lures its target group with its endless array of apps that it can offer. But the constraint often is that most of them come with a price tag. But, here in this article we will be discussing about 5 apps that were paid earlier, but are available for free today.

By Vikas

iPhone, allegedly the first smartphone that took the world to storm, is loved for the array of apps it can render to its enthusiasts. But the constraint (arguably) is that most of the iPhone apps come with a price tag attached to them. Having said that, there are few apps that were paid earlier, but are now available for free (for a limited period of time). Here in this article we will be discussing a few such apps that you can grab without shedding any penny.


Swype is a gesture typing keypad for iPhone and the app is among the most requested ones. Originally available for $0.99, Swype is now available for free on iTunes. The app actually learns how you type and gets smarter eventually - the more you use it.

Feature list:

  • 21 languages.
  • Emoji support.
  • Customized keyword layout with themes.
  • Learn how you type and offer suggestions.


Normally available for $0.99, Wikify is a travel information app that renders Wikipedia information of any given area. It can get itself synchronized with all the popular navigation apps making it a place where you get all the related information about a place.

Feature list:

  • Can synchronize itself with ToomTom, Garmin, Navigon as well as Apple Maps and Google Maps.
  • Metric and English system support.
  • Can show information in three different languages.

Manual Photo Camera:

This awesome camera app gives you amazing control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and flash level etc. and assures that you get DSLR like output. Usually available for $0.99, the app is currently available for free.

Feature List:

  • Shutter speed.
  • White Balance.
  • ISO.


The app works as an extension to Instagram giving the users the facility to add redesign touches and supports multiple Instagram account logins. Earlier the app was available for $0.99 but now can be downloaded for free.

Feature list:

  • Multiple Instagram login and photos/videos can be downloaded.
  • Photos can be shared directly from the app to Twitter and WhatsApp.
  • Hashtag search is also available.

Clone Magic:

This is an app that allows users to create their clones and get them placed in different parts of a photograph in a very fast, easy and convenient way.

Feature List:

  • App allows to share photos directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Photos saved directly to camera roll.
  • Supports camera timer.

**P.S : Please note that all the above mentioned apps are FREE till the time blog was being updated. We are not liable about any discrepancy in the information shared here.


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